Gustav is Awesome! – No he is not!!

September 17th, 2010 by | 9 comments

Ahihihi, Kauff! I managed to hack the blog as well! You posted your video but I removed it to make annoyance to you and your fans!! I’m a genius!

Oh, you probably will post the video tomorrow, but still you will be late and your fans will think you’re late and stoopid and fly away! Ahihihi!

- Gustav von Schneider

UPDATED:  Kauff got questions that were sooo long, he insisted on answering as much as he could in just one go. Yes, this “one go” equals 20 minutes and was shot in one exhausting take, so you’d better appreciate! Also, sorry for the delay, all will be explained in the final episode.

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9 Responses to “Gustav is Awesome! – No he is not!!”

  1. dumpling321 says:

    Curse you Gustav!! stop messing with my friend… I need his advice =(

  2. Jasmin says:


  3. omgCAPSlol says:


  4. Tolpiwan says:

    Curse you, monkey killing Gustav

  5. tabstis says:

    It has been too long! What has happened to KAUFF?!

  6. lombre says:

    I wouldn’t be too worried. He’s probably just busy filling out a restraining order or seven.

  7. dumpling321 says:

    Dear Friend
    With the relationship difficulties out of the way, Sister Agnes and I are falling deeper and deeper in love. This past week we decided that it would be nice to meet each other’s parents, She was a bit disappointed in the fact that I have eaten my own parents brains and she will never be able to meet them, so we decided to visit her parents.
    We had a lovely ride to her parent’s home in southern Florida the only hitch in the trip was when we hit a cow with our car and I went into a feeding frenzy… fortunately we finally made it and had a lovely time. We ate a filling meal (I think her name was mary) and went to bed, the next day they took us to all the touristy destinations in the area and showed us around. We ended our trip by taking a lovely group photo of the four of us standing together. Attached is a copy of that photo.
    I think they really liked me, I’m so happy, thank you doctor for bringing us together with you sage council and advice ^_^
    Your friend

  8. guimero64 says:

    Dear doctor,
    As my hear is aching too much I’ve found a radical solution
    and here is a pirate song about this fabulous solution:

    The Joy of Amputation!

    ♪♫♪♫♫♪♫♪♫♪(pirate music)

    “Hoy! Hoy! The joy of amputation!
    When you’ve got no other solution
    to your stupid situation!
    you don’t have to resist
    just ask a monkeologist!

    But sometimes he can be wrong
    His answers lead to self-mutilation!
    Now my head is hurting!
    Dumpling321 is dating!

    So in these situations
    there are no directions!
    You have to go through amputation!

    Hoy! Hoy! The joy of amputation!
    I’ve just chopped off my head!
    Now I must be cautious!
    By the way my brain is delicious!

    You see how can amputation
    can be a good solution!
    But now that I’m headless
    All I can do is be lifeless!

    Hoy! Hoy! The joy of amputation!?”


    By the way my new address is:
    7, Sesame Street, Hell of the stupid guys…