Monkey Merch ready to ship

May 29th, 2010 by | 3 comments

Telltale Games just announced that some of the pre-ordered stuff has arrived in their stock and the shipping will begin “very soon”.

Currently, the items in stock are as follows:

As for the rest of the items left to ship, such as the voodoo cards, the art portfolio or the Deluxe Edition of ToMI, the fans will have to wait just a little more. You can check out some VERY teasing pictures of the new merch here.

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3 Responses to “Monkey Merch ready to ship”

  1. Dalixam says:

    I wonder what size my T-Shirt comes in. I am positive there was no way to select the size when I ordered it.

    Edit: According to my account on Telltale it’s a men’s large…can anyone verify that you couldn’t choose a size if you ordered a few months back when all this booty became available?

    • Paroxysm says:

      I think you just missed the option because when I preordered (basically the day you could for the physical dvd) I was certainly able to select my shirt size.

      I bought a few things on this order so I’m excited that it’ll ship soon :)