Weekly Wiki: Plank of Love

July 20th, 2010 by | 3 comments

Plank of Love, the love song that never was. It was to be sung by Guybrush and Elaine during the end credits of The Curse of Monkey Island, but the song was never recorded because the production team ran out of time. This would be a nice addition if we ever see a special edition of Curse. For now, click with your mouse here and delight yourself with the humorous yet romantic lyrics.

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Argentine journalist in epic grog fail

August 29th, 2009 by | 27 comments

We all love grog, right? That tasty drink based on rum, with some lemon juice, cinnamon, sugar, or whatever else you want to put in it. Of course, nobody in their right mind would drink the stuff you’d get when mixing up the Monkey Island recipe, as described by the important-looking pirates in The Secret of Monkey Island.

But a reporter from Argentina seems to think that’s exactly what young people do these days. During his ‘investigation’ on Facebook, he came across an especially shocking recipe for an alcoholic drink that young people in Argentina drink these days. Called ‘Grog XD’ (note the failure to recognize the smiley on the reporter’s part), it’s basically the Monkey Island grog mixture, with a few ingredients removed. The joke was lost on the ‘journalist’, as you can see:

Thanks to Matunga for sharing this with the world.

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Where have we heard that before? (Updated)

July 24th, 2009 by | 16 comments


As most of you may remember, the big old Monkey Island treasure hold, formely known as worldofmi.com, had a trivia section in which all the in-jokes and references were categorized accordingly.  Naturally, with the launch of Tales of Monkey Island, the fans had fun noticing all the subtle jokes that they ran across and discussing them over a mug o’ grog.

Our team gathered all the cool infos and posted them here for your enjoyment. Feel free to bring your own contribution to the list, in case we may have missed something! Just write it in the comments below this post.

  • If you’re playing the game with subtitles, you’ll notice that Elaine uses the word “Scum”, and the subtitles read “Scumm”. This takes us back to the system that was used in the past by LucasArts to create games such as Monkey Island and Indiana Jones.
  • While reading the newspaper, Guybrush will mention a number. 1138 is a number hidden in most George Lucas films, hinting at his student film “1138”, later remade as “THX 1138”.
  • The shrine to Nor Treblig, Keeper of the Crossroads – “Ron Gilbert”, creator of the first two Monkey Island games, spelled backwards.

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