History with Haggis: Pirate flags

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When you think of a pirate flag, you’ll probably think of the archetypical Jolly Roger: a white skull and two crossed bones on a black background. Pirates used a lot more flags than that one though, and they weren’t just for show. A few centuries ago, flags played an important role in naval warfare. At the most basic level, a flag signified the nation a vessel represented, so that you didn’t inadvertently fire at your allies. But this could also be used as a ruse, by flying the colours of the enemy, goading them into thinking you’re their friend. Then, suddenly, you change colours, open fire, enter the enemy’s ship, and presto, another vessel conquered. These tricks weren’t unique to pirates, they were used by navy ships as well. But we’re not here to discuss the navy, we want to know more about pirate flags! Read the rest of this entry »

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History with Haggis: Ghost ships

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Welcome class, to another edition of History with Haggis. In today’s lecture, we’ll take a look at a rather mysterious subject: ghost ships. Now, that may sound scary, and perhaps it actually is. Or perhaps not, but more on that later. Let’s first take a look at the connection with Monkey Island, because this is, after all, a Monkey Island site. Read the rest of this entry »

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History with Haggis: Pirate hygiene

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Imagine being on a wooden ship for days, no… weeks on end. Packed with other dirty, greasy men. No shower, no bathroom, no toothbrush. And when you finally reach land, you can’t go into a hotel to finally shower, no, you’re still dirty as can be. What a vacation that would be.
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History with Haggis: Mermaids

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As you may know, mermaids were deemed too fantastical to even appear in the credits of The Curse of Monkey Island. And yet, here we are with Tales of Monkey Island, where the second chapter is simply teeming with mermaid-like creatures. Bah, they don’t belong in pirate mythology at all!

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