Rodriguez quits LucasArts (and other news)

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It would seem that Darrell Rodriguez’ career at LucasArts is short-lived, seeing how he has announced his resignation, according to several online reports, like this one from Kotaku. Under Rodriguez’ tenure, LucasArts have returned to their roots a bit, with the release of special editions for the first two Monkey Island games, and outsourcing a whole new Monkey Island series to Telltale. We can only hope that this regime change will not bode ill for old-school adventure fans.

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Darrell Rodriguez wants to please ‘rabid fanbase’

January 29th, 2010 by | 1 lonely comment


Gamasutra have published a Q&A with Darrell Rodriguez, who became the new LucasArts president not long ago, and who has already brought some much-needed change to the company. There are no direct mentions of new Monkey Island games, but Mr Rodriguez has some hopeful messages on original IP. Here’s what he says about LucasArts’ relationship with Telltale:

We had a great partnership with Telltale, and we hope to do something in the future with them. They’re phenomenal partners. They get it. Will we do stuff like that in the future? Yeah, I mean, I’ll look at all opportunities.

And take a look at this quote:

That’s what we did with Monkey Island, right? We brought it back and we reimagined Monkey Island with the Special Edition. We’re working with Telltale on the Tales Of series.

Perhaps it’s not what it seems, but he does say ‘we’re working’ in the present tense. Could that mean they’re still working with Telltale, on a new Tales of Monkey Island series? Maybe not, but LucasArts are definitely listening to their fans:

If you look on Steam, we’re doing a number of interesting bundles on Steam, and we’ll continue to do that sort of thing because the fans want it. If you look at the blogs as well as all the emails and all the letters that we get, we’re going to do what they want.

So this is looking good for fans of old-school LucasArts adventures. Be sure to read the entire interview!

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