Guybrush Voodoo Doll at E3

June 12th, 2010 by | 2 comments

Woah, Guybrush seems to be the center of attention this week as the guys at LucasArts made THIS awesome thing. It’s a Voodoo Doll quite similar to the one you can see on the cover of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge.

“I suppose you better start watching for community events for your chance to get your hands on one. First stop – E3. See you there next week!” – Monkey Island Adventures’ Facebook page. How awesome is that?! ūüôā

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Monkey Island 2 SE is almost here

June 8th, 2010 by | 2 comments

The Tingler reports on LucasForums that Steam has added a page to its store for the Monkey Island 2 Special Edition. There’s no release date on there yet, but earlier Mixnmojo reported that PSN seems to think it will be released in July. In any case, everything points to an imminent release, and we will undoubtedly get more news when E3 comes around.

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Weekly Wiki: The Bloody Lip

June 1st, 2010 by | No comments

I hope you’re thirsty because I’m inviting you all to The Bloody Lip. The bar and grill establishment is situated on the lovely Scabb Island and aside from enjoying a refreshing drink you can also get a nice meal as chef Bernard makes delicious gourmet chilled soups. Well, he did until Guybrush got him fired and stole his job for a few lousy pieces o’ eight.

Times are tough for the bar as Largo has scared away the regular customers and the bartender has to turn over all his earnings whenever Largo comes by. The bartender extracts a small revenge by slipping laxatives into Largo’s usual drink.

As you can read in the article, the bar also has a piano which a certain monkey likes to play on. So sit back, have a drink, enjoy the music, but hide if Largo is near.

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The making of Monkey Island 2: Special Edition

May 28th, 2010 by | 6 comments

YouTube, an infinite source of moving picture entertainment, has once again been used to the benefit of us, fans of Monkey Island. For now you can view a short film that details much of the process of making the special edition of the game that details how LeChuck may or may not get his revenge on Monkey Island. Watch and weep:

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Hello, Mr. Wood!

May 7th, 2010 by | 2 comments

This just in, SuperHappyFunTimeShow had an interview with Monkey Island: Special Edition producer, Craig Derrick. Amongst other interesting facts regarding the interface and the little changes brought to the game, Craig confirms the return of the cast from MI:SE along with Neil Ross, the voice actor who made Wally B. Feed sound so… piratey! This will be a very interesting comeback as 13 years have passed since the release of Curse of Monkey Island, where Wally’s voice was heard for the first time.

Also, when asked about other plans involving special re-releases, Craig said: “We are definitely looking at all of our titles within the back catalog.¬† No announcements at this time though”.

You can read the interview here and you can comment below. But you already knew that.

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Rodriguez quits LucasArts (and other news)

May 7th, 2010 by | 3 comments

It would seem that Darrell Rodriguez’ career at LucasArts is¬†short-lived, seeing how he has announced his resignation, according to several online reports, like this one from Kotaku. Under Rodriguez’ tenure, LucasArts have returned to their roots a bit, with the release of special editions for the first two Monkey Island games, and outsourcing a whole new Monkey Island series to Telltale. We can only hope that this regime change will not bode ill for old-school adventure fans.

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Weekly Wiki: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge: Special Edition

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That’s more colons than a doctor sees on a day of colonoscopies… excuse the mental image. This news post is actually the first in a series of many, where each week we will put the spotlight on an article in our excellent Monkey Island wiki.

This week, we will take a look at the article for the upcoming special edition of LeChuck’s Revenge, the second Monkey Island game. As you can see, it contains more information about the game than you can shake a stick at, as well as a YouTube video and a gallery of screenshots that showcase the updated look for the game.

If that’s not enough for you however, fear not! Because this is a wiki, you can add to the article (or just correct spelling mistakes, nobody’s perfect). It’s really not as hard as it looks, and if you need an introduction to wikification, you can read this helpful help section. We’re looking forward to your contributions to the wiki (and the article featured here in particular), and until next week, when we’ll take a look at another excellent article!

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Ron, Dave, Tim introduce themselves

April 27th, 2010 by | No comments

One of the main attractions of the Monkey Island 2 Special Edition has got to be the commentary from the guys who designed the game in the first place. Now LucasArts have released a video that teases us in that respect, in which you can see Ron Gilbert, Dave Grossman, and Tim Schafer introduce themselves to the eager player of games and listener to commentary tracks.

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April 1st, 2010 by | 9 comments

Yes, you read that title right! We’re still recovering after this fantastic news!

*breathe in* *breathe out* Whew, okay… check this out:¬† An unofficial source (EDIT: Apparently that page was removed just after we found out. Let’s hope we can keep it as long as possible) has posted two work-in-progress images of an alternate ending that LucasArts is preparing for Monkey Island 2: Special Edition. As you can clearly see from both images, Guybrush is holding a chest which may be the REAL treasure of Big Whoop.

The source reads “It is quite possible that Ron Gilbert has finally decided to end the Monkey Island series as he wanted, revealing the true secret. This will stir up various reactions from the fanbase, as most of us actually expected the real Monkey Island 3”.

You can check out the images below by clicking “read the rest”. The cave could explain why the designers chose to draw tree roots in the HD version instead of metal bars. Apparently we will be able to finish LeChuck’s Revenge in both the original and the Special Edition mode! Sweet Zombie Monkeys!

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MI2: Special Edition announced!

March 11th, 2010 by | 6 comments

It’s official!¬†LucasArts¬†has announced Monkey Island 2:¬†LeChuck’s¬†Revenge: Special Edition to be released this summer for the PC,¬†Xbox¬†Live,¬† PlayStation Network, iPhone, and iPod Touch. In addition, the SE of MI will be hitting the PlayStation Network as well. ETA on that is a few weeks.

Back to the juicy news about the MI2: SE; Like its predecessor it will feature improved graphics, remastered music, the ability to switch between the original game and the updated version, voices in the updated version AND the original one. Yes, you read right. LucasArts has listened to the fans and allowed us to play the original game with voices. Another thing proving that they listen to us: Guybrush had a haircut! More good news is that the original cast will return to do the voices.

Another improvement is that they’ll allow us to directly control¬†Guybrush¬†if we want. I’m not sure what this means, using the keyboard perhaps. but I don’t see how that is better than just clicking on the screen for him to move. Maybe it will be easier to use for those playing on an¬†Xbox¬†or PlayStation. The interactive hint system has been expanded and can be used to highlight important objects in the environment, but who uses a hint system anyway?

Other juicy new features include an in-game audio commentary from the game’s creators so players can listen in on the developers’ thoughts and memories regarding the game and an in-game art viewer that will display original and new concept art used during the making of the game.

See the official site and the press release.
Now we just need to wait for Telltale to announce the second season of Tales to coincide with the release of the MI2:SE ūüôā
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