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This just in, SuperHappyFunTimeShow had an interview with Monkey Island: Special Edition producer, Craig Derrick. Amongst other interesting facts regarding the interface and the little changes brought to the game, Craig confirms the return of the cast from MI:SE along with Neil Ross, the voice actor who made Wally B. Feed sound so… piratey! This will be a very interesting comeback as 13 years have passed since the release of Curse of Monkey Island, where Wally’s voice was heard for the first time.

Also, when asked about other plans involving special re-releases, Craig said: “We are definitely looking at all of our titles within the back catalog.  No announcements at this time though”.

You can read the interview here and you can comment below. But you already knew that.

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Rodriguez quits LucasArts (and other news)

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It would seem that Darrell Rodriguez’ career at LucasArts is short-lived, seeing how he has announced his resignation, according to several online reports, like this one from Kotaku. Under Rodriguez’ tenure, LucasArts have returned to their roots a bit, with the release of special editions for the first two Monkey Island games, and outsourcing a whole new Monkey Island series to Telltale. We can only hope that this regime change will not bode ill for old-school adventure fans.

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Gamespot gets old Monkey crew together

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Gamespot have dug up Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, Dave Grossman, and Craig Derrick, to quiz them about the upcoming special edition of the beloved second installment in the Monkey Island series. You can read the ensuing hi-jinx here, which contains the following jewel out of Schafer’s mouth:

No other game had spitting in their game, really. Maybe I’m just biased because I wired that part up. But I thought it was the best part of the game. Now that I’m thinking about it, “Spitting Contest” would make a great Natal game.

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