Special Edition release date

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Guybrush and Elaine at the end of MI1:SE

According to 1UP the ‘Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition‘ will be released on the 15th of July. That’s one week after episode one of ‘Tales of Monkey Island‘. Start saving up, it’s going to be a summer of monkeys!

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The Guardian interviews Craig Derrick

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Greg Howson, of The Guardian’s Games blog, recently got the chance to sit down with Craig Derrick, SMI:SE producer, and ask him some questions. That has resulted in this interview. Asked if LeChuck’s Revenge may get a special edition, Craig answers:

Monkey 2 is definitely high on my list, but the special edition is really a great big experiment to see what interest there is for these types of games and if people are interested in playing them on a console. If the fans really respond well, then I think it will be tough to say no to another one..

So you know what to do, buy the game! And that should be made a bit easier soon, since Craig Derrick reveals that LucasArts ‘may have another platform announcement to make very, very soon’. Could this be… Monkey Island on iPhone? We’ll see. Meanwhile, read the interview.


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Steve Purcell concept art MI2 – CMI

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Sam and Max creator and Monkey Island artist Steve Purcell has posted some nice concept art on his blog he created back in the day for Monkey Island 2 (also published in Rogue Leaders) and some very early concept art for the Curse of Monkey Island.
Check out that awesome flaming beard LeChuck and a nice slender version of the Voodoo Lady:

cart_cabin comichars1

Purcell also blogs:  ‘I have a rough sketch for the Tales of Monkey Island pre-order cover in the pipe waiting for final approval. I’ll post it at some point soon.’

We’ll definitely keep an eye out for that one!

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Feast yer eyes on this!

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On the Monkey Island Adventures page on Facebook, 4 new character renders from Tales of Monkey Island have been posted. There’s Elaine, Guybrush, LeChuck, and the Voodoo Lady, oh my! Have a look then!

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Guybrush Twitterwood

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If you’ve been paying close attention to what’s happening on Twitter, you’d already know this. But if you haven’t, fear not! You will hear it from us. First of all, there is this video interview with David Collins, voice director on the Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition. Then, there is also this image, showing a chapter screen from Tales of Monkey Island. And that’s it for now. Have a good one!David Collins interview

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Eurogamer interrogates Grossman

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Dave Grossman has been pushed into a car, tied up, and driven to the Eurogamer headquarters, where he has been submitted to 24 hours of torture.* That has resulted in this interview, in which Dave talks about a lot of interesting stuff regarding Tales of Monkey Island. For instance, he divulges that TMI may very well come out on other platforms, such as XBLA and PSN. Also, apparently some inspiration for the game has been taken from the Monkey Island movie (also known as the Pirates of the Caribbean film series). Read the whole thing here!

* This may or may not be true.

Update: a new screenshot of a crazy monkey starting some sort of experiment on mister Threepwood is also revealed with the interview:

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Monkey Island for Xbox Natal?

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You’ve probably heard about this thing called Project Natal, and maybe you’re even excited about it. If so, you’re not the only one. Telltale Games’ Dan Connors has mentioned to Videogamer.com that he can see Guybrush as an interesting character to use with Natal. It won’t happen any time soon though, and I can’t see it happening with the way point-and-click adventures are currently designed, but who knows what will happen? It’s certainly an interesting notion to ponder, that we may soon be able to ‘be’ Guybrush Threepwood.

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The hamster fell out of the wheel

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As you probably noticed, we had some problems this weekend. I like to blaim Paco who in return points his finger at Haggis and Junaid, but the people at our generaous host The International House of Mojo have fixed it and Paco is now off the hook 🙂

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Mark Darin answers your questions

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In an hour or two, Mark Darin of Telltale Games will grace the Monkey Island Facebook page with his presence to answer questions about Tales of Monkey Island. So, get yer booty over thar an’ start askin’, matey!

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SMI:SE composer gets interviewed

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The one and only International House of Mojo have posted an interesting interview with Jesse Harlin, who updated the music for the Special Edition of The Secret of Monkey Island. Read it to find out how the music was changed (for the better), how Peter McConnell got involved, and how this site influenced the creation of the updated soundtrack.

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