Review: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood

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That title alone is a bit intimidating. It sounds like it might be a title of a book written by some famous 19th-century Russian novelist, about the grand things in life. Love, death, betrayal, character. And hey, actually, the title is well-chosen, because those are the ingredients of this roller coaster ride that is the 4th chapter of Tales of Monkey Island.

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Chapter 4 available on Friday, October 30th!

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Telltale has just announced that chapter 4, ‘The trial and execution of Guybrush Threepwood’ will be available on Friday, October 30th. As a little treat they have posted some new screenshots here.

The fourth chapter finds Guybrush double-crossed by the pirate hunter Morgan LeFlay and returned to Flotsam Island against his will. Facing an angry mob of poxed pirates with a long list of grievances, Guybrush must defend himself in court against a smooth-talking prosecutor and absolve himself of the false accusations in order to continue his quest to rid the Caribbean of the insidious pox of LeChuck!

I just wet myself with excitement! No, wait…I just knocked over my water. Carry on.

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Telltale’s Pumpkin King

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So what does Telltale employees do to relieve the stress? They carve pumpkins!

Ten pumpkins. One hour. The Telltale Team abandon nutrition to pursue… the Pumpkin Massacre ’09.

The Challenge: create an awesome jack-o-lantern on lunch break.
Together, we battled skewers, stencils, scrapers and knives to bring art to the corpse of gourds…

Check out Telltale’s own blog for pictures of the Telltale staff carving menacing faces on innocent pumpkins. There’s even a possible entry in our Sister Agnes contest 🙂

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Chapter 3 is out on WiiWare in the US

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As the headline aptly informs you, ‘Lair of the Leviathan’ is now out on WiiWare in the US. European pirates like meself have to be patient a little longer. Click the blue!

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Sister Agnes look-a-like winner!

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Our Sister Agnes look-a-like contest has ended and we’re happy to announce the winner of a ‘Tales of Monkey Island’ poster signed by Steve Purcell. We had a democratic vote among the staff members of this blog and the winning picture was of Serweet who does a mean Sister Agnes!

The contest was unfortunately not as big a hit as we had hoped and we only had four entries, but thanks to the generosity of Telltale we were able to give full seasons of ‘Tales of Monkey Island‘ to all the runners-up. You can check out all the Sister Agnes look-a-likes in this gallery.

Thanks to all who were brave enough to participate and congratulations on your prizes!

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Prepare for the trial

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You can count the days now, because chapter 4 of Tales of Monkey Island, The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood, will be released by Telltale next week. With such an ominous title, the game must be good. But what it really is about, nobody knows. Still, it’s fun to guess, and that’s just what our friends SilverWolfPet & Majus & co did. Watch and laugh. And weep at the end.

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Button up!

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If all your money is burning a hole in your pocket, and you’re looking for a good way of spending it… well, here it is. Telltale have added the previously-elusive Monkey Island set of six buttons to their store. Now you can pretend you’re a Monkeyologist, just like Kauff and Gustav!

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Sister Agnes look-a-like contest!

October 8th, 2009 by | 17 comments


This contest has ended.

Want to win a ‘Tales of Monkey Island’ poster signed by Steve Purcell? Here’s your chance! If you have played chapter 3, Lair of the Leviathan, of ‘Tales of Monkey Island‘ you have come across a photo of the lovely Sister Agnes. The men want her and the women want to be her. Her looks are unique yet we will try to replicate the visual wonder that is Sister Agnes with this contest. We invite you to dress up, put on your best Sister Agnes face, snap a photo of it, and send it to us at

When the contest has ended the staff here at will choose the best photo and the winner will receive a ‘Tales of  Monkey Island‘ poster signed by Steve Purcell. The second and third place will each receive a full season of ‘Tales of Monkey Island‘! If you already bought the full season you can always give it to a friend so they too can experience how awesome Monkey Island is!

All these prizes are kindly donated by Telltale so remember to thank them in your next Oscar speech, when you’re on Oprah, as you call a friend on ‘Who Wants to be A Millionaire?’, in the comments, on their forums, or just send them a kind thought and buy their games 🙂

There are some rules (aren’t there always?):

1. Image must be of reasonable quality and at least 300*300 pixels in size.
2. Image must be in jpg, gif, or png format.
3. No editing is allowed. You cannot edit the image with Photoshop or any other photo editing software. However, cropping of the image is allowed.
4. By entering this contest you agree that your image may be displayed publicly on the Internet.
5. Only one(1) entry per person.

Send your photo along with your real name and nickname (what you want to appear next to your photo) to The deadline for entries is Monday 19th October 23.59 CET / 14.59 PM PDT. After the winners are selected all entered photos will be available for all to see in a public gallery so the world can envy the creativity of the Monkey Island fans. Click here for the photo of Sister Agnes and don’t hurt yourself trying to do the crossed eyes, a great costume and details can put you in the winning chair as well 🙂

We look forwards to lots of graceful mugshots of Sister Agnes 🙂

Good luck!

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Mike Stemmle gets interviewed

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Tales of Monkey Island is hot news, and evidence of that comes in the form of yet another interview. This time, Nintendo World Report have had the chance to ask Mike Stemmle, one of the creative minds behind Tales (and Escape), some questions. You can read all about it here. And if you want an interesting teaser, well, here you go:

I think the old-school Monkey Island fans, and actually both fan groups feel a sense of propriety in the characters because they’ve been following these guys for years. They have generally a passion about who these people are, and I think the Monkey Island ones even more so with a sense of “This character would never do that!” Things like that, which is cool because we can go, “Okay, maybe we did dial this a little too far this way.” Both fan groups have huge wikis detailing all of the continuity, which makes it very easy for us.

Sounds like Telltale have been studying the Monkey Island wiki! Be sure to read the rest of the interview as well.

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What could have been

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Over on his blog, Steve Purcell has written something about how his cover for Tales of Monkey Island came into existence. He says he usually does three concepts, and the client decides… but in this case, Telltale let Steve decide which one he would make into a final version. You can see the three concept sketches here, and to read more about the process, point your browser to this address.

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