Rise of the Pirate God. On WiiWare. February 1.

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Finally, the moment many of you have been waiting for is at hand. The final chapter of Tales of Monkey Island, which has long been released for PC, will be coming to WiiWare in the US on the first of February. The European release is likely to follow soon after, maybe on the following Friday? Anyway, Wii owners can stop pulling their hair in despair now!

Update: It has just been confirmed by Telltale that the fifth Tales of Monkey Island chapter will indeed be coming to European WiiWare this Friday.

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Darrell Rodriguez wants to please ‘rabid fanbase’

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Gamasutra have published a Q&A with Darrell Rodriguez, who became the new LucasArts president not long ago, and who has already brought some much-needed change to the company. There are no direct mentions of new Monkey Island games, but Mr Rodriguez has some hopeful messages on original IP. Here’s what he says about LucasArts’ relationship with Telltale:

We had a great partnership with Telltale, and we hope to do something in the future with them. They’re phenomenal partners. They get it. Will we do stuff like that in the future? Yeah, I mean, I’ll look at all opportunities.

And take a look at this quote:

That’s what we did with Monkey Island, right? We brought it back and we reimagined Monkey Island with the Special Edition. We’re working with Telltale on the Tales Of series.

Perhaps it’s not what it seems, but he does say ‘we’re working’ in the present tense. Could that mean they’re still working with Telltale, on a new Tales of Monkey Island series? Maybe not, but LucasArts are definitely listening to their fans:

If you look on Steam, we’re doing a number of interesting bundles on Steam, and we’ll continue to do that sort of thing because the fans want it. If you look at the blogs as well as all the emails and all the letters that we get, we’re going to do what they want.

So this is looking good for fans of old-school LucasArts adventures. Be sure to read the entire interview!

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Final interview for eywtkatomi,bWata-week

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everything 4

For those of you who WAS been with us for this week, we WAS very happy to bring you these clarifications from the Telltale Team. Here is the last interview, with Sean Vanaman, designer and writer for Tales of Monkey Island.

Many many many thanks to Chris Schmidt, the PR genius from Telltale, who helped us organise these interviews. Maybe this last interview WAS not what you WAS expecting, being focused more on the company rather than the game itself, but check out the first answer. It may be just a way to interpret Sean’s answer, we’re not trying to over-analyze this or to get your hopes high, but the words “at this time” sound pretty good in that sentence. 🙂 We’re not saying it means anything, it just sounds cool, check it out!


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Everything…etc.etc. Part III

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everything 3

Today we continue our line of interviews with Mike Stemmle, designer and script writer for ToMI and co-director/co-designer for Escape from Monkey Island and Sam & Max: Hit the Road. According to Wikipedia, he also worked on Star Trek Online which will be released soon. How awesome is that? We should’ve asked him if it’s difficult to “jump” from one universe to another when writing the stories.

Anyway, Mike really confirmed some important theories that we, the fans, have regarding Elaine. Go on. Read. Now!

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If you think this title is long, you should’ve seen the first ideas we had for it! Continuing the tradition… that was established yesterday, we interviewed writer of SoMI, MI2, design director of ToMI and co-designer of Day of the Tentacle, Dave Grossman!

Have you ever heard the term “implodexintegrated”?

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“Everything you wanted to know about Tales of Monkey Island, but was afraid to ask”-week!

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Yep, you read it quite well (don’t make us write it again), this week will be a treat for the fans that still have those questions regarding Guybrush’s last adventure. The Great Four Wise Men from Telltale, respectively Dave Grossman, Mark Darin, Mike Stemmle and Sean Vanaman, agreed to shed some light upon the events that took place during the 5-6 months of epicness-ness-ness.

The order of the interviews was chosen randomly, because one cannot simply choose between these guys, nor the cool answers that they sent to us, to you and to anyone who had something to ask about Tales of Monkey Island. Today we ask Mark Darin, writer and designer for Tales. Stay tuned for more!

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Fear not, Wii users, it’s almost here…

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You’ve had to wait quite a while for it, but now there is a sign of hope: Nintendo have not forgot about Tales of Monkey Island! A list has been published saying that the fifth and final chapter is slated for a Q1 2010 WiiWare release. No more details at present, but rest assured that you will be able to play The Rise of the Pirate God on your Wii before April (but probably sooner).

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