Make your own Tales soundtrack

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Bgbennyboy has just released a new version of his very handy Telltale Music Extractor, and this new version should be of great interest to Monkey Island fans. Through contributions from Laserschwert, the program now gives you the option to ‘dump a soundtrack’ for each of the Tales of Monkey Island episodes, complete with clear track names, tags, and some very pretty album covers. You can read more about it at Quick and Easy Software and in this LucasForums thread. Happy listening!

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Get your ‘Tales’ Collector’s DVD

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Telltale has made the Collector’s DVD  of ‘Tales of Monkey Island’ available for pre-order! The DVD is yours for $34.95 and contains all five episodes of ‘Tales’ in both Windows and Mac versions.  Special features include:

– Highlight Reel with Team Commentary – Funny and insightful, the Tales development crew gets together for some monkey talk about Monkey Island
– I Wonder What Happens – This collection features all episodes of the popular fan-generated “I Wonder What Happens,” created by Majus Fietzek and friends
Tales of Monkey Island Trailers – All both of them! Together again for the first time.
– Concept Art Gallery – View the art that inspired the design of the game.
– Wallpapers – Suitable for all computers
– Preview of Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse -Third season of gaming’s favorite dog and rabbit Freelance Police

If you already bought the entire season of ‘Tales’  then you get all this for the favourable price of $0. You only pay for shipping!
If you pre-ordered the season before the release of chapter 1 then you also get a special DVD cover designed by Steve Purcell.

That’s not all though. Telltale has also put together a treasure chest full of swashbucklin’ swag and aptly named it the ‘Deluxe Edition’. For $49.95 you get everything mentioned above as well as:

– Slipcover case art from Monkey Island art legend Steve Purcell — if you missed out at pre-order time
– Exclusive Voodoo card, not found in the Voodoo Card Set (available separately)
– One of Reginald Van Winslow’s favorite maps: The Gulf of Melange printed on cotton fabric
– Piratey Piece of Eight – metal collectible coin
– Coaster from the notorious Club 41
– Souvenir button from the Trial of the Century (2.25 inches diameter)

If you already bought the entire season of ‘Tales’  then this box of goodies is yours for only 14.95!

There is also some other nice Monkey Island merchandise available and if you make an order for $50 or more then shipping is free (through midnight PST on March 28th). Check out the Telltale store for the DVD, Deluxe Edition, a Voodoo Card Set, TMI Art Portfolio, TMI Buttons, TMI T-Shirt, and a TMI Drinking Vessel. Everything is pre-order and items are expected to ship in Spring 2010.

Go here to see pictures of it all and shop till you drop, I know I will 🙂

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MI2: Special Edition announced!

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It’s official! LucasArts has announced Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge: Special Edition to be released this summer for the PC, Xbox Live,  PlayStation Network, iPhone, and iPod Touch. In addition, the SE of MI will be hitting the PlayStation Network as well. ETA on that is a few weeks.

Back to the juicy news about the MI2: SE; Like its predecessor it will feature improved graphics, remastered music, the ability to switch between the original game and the updated version, voices in the updated version AND the original one. Yes, you read right. LucasArts has listened to the fans and allowed us to play the original game with voices. Another thing proving that they listen to us: Guybrush had a haircut! More good news is that the original cast will return to do the voices.

Another improvement is that they’ll allow us to directly control Guybrush if we want. I’m not sure what this means, using the keyboard perhaps. but I don’t see how that is better than just clicking on the screen for him to move. Maybe it will be easier to use for those playing on an Xbox or PlayStation. The interactive hint system has been expanded and can be used to highlight important objects in the environment, but who uses a hint system anyway?

Other juicy new features include an in-game audio commentary from the game’s creators so players can listen in on the developers’ thoughts and memories regarding the game and an in-game art viewer that will display original and new concept art used during the making of the game.

See the official site and the press release.
Now we just need to wait for Telltale to announce the second season of Tales to coincide with the release of the MI2:SE 🙂
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