Gustav is Awesome! – No he is not!!

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Ahihihi, Kauff! I managed to hack the blog as well! You posted your video but I removed it to make annoyance to you and your fans!! I’m a genius!

Oh, you probably will post the video tomorrow, but still you will be late and your fans will think you’re late and stoopid and fly away! Ahihihi!

– Gustav von Schneider

UPDATED:  Kauff got questions that were sooo long, he insisted on answering as much as he could in just one go. Yes, this “one go” equals 20 minutes and was shot in one exhausting take, so you’d better appreciate! Also, sorry for the delay, all will be explained in the final episode.

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Weekly Wiki: Giant Monkey Head

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The Giant Monkey Head on Monkey Island is one of the centerpieces in the Monkey Island saga… but what is it? Nobody really knows. In The Secret of Monkey Island, it led to the hellish Caverns of Meat. In The Curse of Monkey Island, it was part of the roller coaster at the Carnival of the Damned. And in Escape from Monkey Island, it was revealed to be the head of a Giant Monkey Robot. Does this giant monkey head hold the key to revealing the Secret of Monkey Island? And if so, how? We can probably only guess, and marvel at the mysterious artifact.

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Polly: Which profession is Stan best at?

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Results show that most of our visitors are between 19-30, but it’s nice to see we also have some older and younger readers. This week, we’re taking another look at Stan, but this time we’re not asking who is the best voice actor but which profession of Stan’s you find the funniest. Did you like Stan better as a used ship salesman, used coffin salesman, insurance policy salesman, real estate salesman, or as an attorney?

Polly: Which profession is Stan best at?

  • Used ship salesman (34%, 29 Votes)
  • Used coffin salesman (42%, 36 Votes)
  • Insurance policy salesman (8%, 7 Votes)
  • Real estate salesman (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Attorney (14%, 12 Votes)

Total Voters: 85

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Something of the Thread: Should LeChuck return?

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LeChuck, the fearsome ghost/demon/zombie pirate, is one of the constant factors in the Monkey Island games. And yet… when does it become too much? Are you tired of LeChuck, or are you one of his biggest fans? Let your fellow Monkey Island fans know in this thread, which has more poll options than you can shake a stick at. And if you have any similar ideas (like a Monkey Island game without Guybrush?), post about it in the forums, where the grog is always fresh!

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Horizons: Real Monkey Island?

September 11th, 2010 by | 3 comments

Did you ever dream of crawling on the beach of Monkey Island, whining on how you got stranded there while tourists give you strange looks? Well, if you can afford the trip, now you can fulfill that dream and we can show you how!

Believe it or not but people actually named a few islands after the LeChuck’s first settlement. For instance, Sarushima (Saru = Monkey, Shima = Island)) is an uninhabited island located just off the coast of Yokosuka. Once a fortress, it’s now a popular day trip destination for history buffs and beachgoers, also well-known among Tokusatsu fans as the location of Shocker‘s secret base in Kamen Rider. 10 minutes boat ride from Mikasa Pier near the US Yokosuka Naval Base. 1,200 yen ($13) for adults, 600 for children (round-trip). The boat to Monkey Island runs everyday from March through November, weekend only from December to February. You can’t spend the night on the island so make sure to check the schedule and don’t miss the last boat back.

The island gets crowded on weekends, especially in summer, so autumn or winter might be better if you want to feel the deserted fortress atmosphere.

Don’t like THIS particular Monkey Island? No problem, we’ve got more! Arm-wave arm-wave! The island of Monos (aka Isla de Monos) consists of approximately 1,000 acres and is primarily mountainous with welcoming bays. Vegetation on the island consists of Salt-fish Wood, Cactus, Hog Plum, Naked Indian, Agave, Manicou Fig and Queen of the Forest.
The island of Monos is positioned west of the Chaguaramas Peninsula. It lies between the first and second Bocas which is the name given to the passages of water between the off shore islands. Monos has many beautiful bays and holiday resorts. (or so they say in the source)

An Island is too big for you? Well why didn’t you say so? We’ve got Monkey Island – The City! You may want to buy an estate here. No, really, come by our office in Monkey Island, Oklahoma 74331!

If you want something that’s really out of this world, you could try visiting (gasp!) Monkey Island, Lingshiu, Tianxia Haijiao (which literally means “Edge of the World”). NOTE: There may be a spelling error in the name, as we can’t really find links or pictures to this place, except for an old  article in a Romanian newspaper.

There sure are plenty other examples. Know any? Write about them in the comments section! Links are allowed 🙂

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Ten = Zen?

September 11th, 2010 by | 14 comments

Well, at least that’s what the doctor thinks!

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Weekly Wiki: Pegnose Pete

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What’s that smell?!

Pegnose Pete is a villain and major character in Escape from Monkey Island. A career criminal, at the time the game is set Pegnose is wanted in connection with approximately three hundred Lucre Island thefts, and has never been caught. His home is a tiny shack in the heart of the Mysts o’ Tyme Marshe. Until Guybrush Threepwood arrives on Lucre Island, Pegnose was the only person capable of navigating around the Marshe. His one weakness was a crippling fear of ducks, rumoured to be due to a duck nibbling off his nose. When Guybrush asks Pegnose whether a duck really did nibble off his nose, Pegnose refuses to answer.

In a recent poll on the Telltale Games Forums, Pegnose scored only one vote out of 86 for “Who is your best villain (except LeChuck)?”. Not very popular, eh?

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Polly: How old are you?

September 6th, 2010 by | 2 comments

Most people favor Pat Pinney as Stan which is evident by 71% of the votes going to him. This week we’re looking at the fans. We’re interested to see which age groups read this blog so we ask; How old are you? 🙂

Polly: How old are you?

  • 14 or younger (2%, 3 Votes)
  • 15-18 (13%, 18 Votes)
  • 19-24 (45%, 61 Votes)
  • 25-30 (33%, 45 Votes)
  • 31-40 (4%, 6 Votes)
  • 41-50 (1%, 2 Votes)
  • 51 or older (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 135

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Something of the Thread: Another CMI guitar

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After this amazing guitar painted by forum member May, there’s now another one. New member Nogert makes a grand entry showing off his own hand-painted Monkey Island themed guitar. And not only that, but he shows he has musical talents as well, in a video with him playing a cool rendition of the Monkey Island theme.

Go to the forums for more awesome stuff like this, and if you have something amazing to share with us (like your own version of the Sistine Chapel with Monkey Island characters or Mêlée Island recreated with matchsticks), the World of Monkey Island forums are the place to do so!

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Horizons: Pirates of the Caribbean ride

September 4th, 2010 by | 1 lonely comment

Welcome to this week’s Horizons column. We’ll take a closer look at the ride that is responsible for many of our joys. The Pirates of the Caribbean ride from Disneyland was an inspiration for Monkey Island, but obviously also the foundation for the PotC movies. So what is this ride? Well, there are three different versions of it. The ones in Disneyland California and Tokyo Disneyland are the same, but the one at Magic Kingdom has several changes to the way the ride functions and what the guests experience. The ride in Disneyland Paris stand out as being the only version that hasn’t been changed to include characters and scenes from the movies.

The original version of the ride opened in March 1967 in Disneyland California and it was the last attraction which Walt Disney himself participated in designing. He died three months before it opened.

All the rides are identical in the way they work – The guests board a boat and sail amongst different scenes with puppets and animatronics. The differences are what scenes they see, what characters appear and what they do. The ride is very gentle, so don’t hop on it if you’re looking for a roller coaster. There are a few drops in the Paris version as the boat goes down some waterfalls, but it isn’t anything wild.

I have tried the one at Disneyland Paris myself and found it quite entertaining. Have you tried any of them and what did you think?

If you wish to know more about the ride you should check out this article on Wikipedia which features detailed descriptions of the different versions of the ride, development, adaptations, and more.

If you want visual entertainment then YouTube is your friend. Here are videos of the rides from start to finish. It’s like being there yourself! Almost. Unfortunately, as this ride takes place indoors the videos are somewhat dark, but still watchable. See if you can spot Walt (the dog with the keys). Enjoy 🙂

Disneyland Paris
Magic Kingdom
Disneyland California (Before it was changed to accompany the movies.) – Great audio!
Tokyo Disneyland

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