Weekly Wiki: Captain Kate Capsize

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Captain Kate Capsize is usually found on Booty Island where she rents out her glass-bottomed boat to anyone that will pay for such a voyage.  When she tries to move her business to Phatt Island she is quickly arrested and jailed as she is mistaken for Guybrush. Our hero is of course responsible for this mistake, but he kind of makes up for it by breaking her out…and then stealing her personal possessions.

She once had a captain who died of boredom and she does not appear in Monkey Island 2 if you play the lite version. (An easier version of the game that was removed in the special edition.) Read more about Kate Capsize here!

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Polly: Fight – Kenny vs. Wally

December 13th, 2010 by | 3 comments

The result from last week’s Polly is interesting in that 47% want LeChuck to return in the next Monkey Island game, but close behind is the 40% who want him to return, but not as the main villain. Be sure to read the comments as both Farlander and HaydenWCE makes some good points.

This week we take a less serious turn as we attempt to answer the important question; Who would win in a fight, Kenny Falmouth or Wally B. Feed?

Polly: Fight - Kenny vs. Wally

  • Kenny Falmouth (53%, 32 Votes)
  • Wally B. Feed (47%, 28 Votes)

Total Voters: 60

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Something of the Thread: Combat

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  • This week, HaydenWCE asks himself and other Monkey Island fans whether a combat system would work in a Monkey Island game.
  • Cyrus has another AGS game he enjoyed to share with us, called P.D.
  • To celebrate Finnish Independence Day, Hande shares some little-known facts about his home country of Finland. If you have any weird stories about your country, share them!
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Horizons: DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue

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Very soon after the release of DeathSpank, a sequel was announced, called DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue. It’s now also available for the PC, and like the first game, it features plenty of Monkey Island references. Even better, there’s a pirate village in the game, you can sail a pirate ship to several islands in the game, and you can even dress up DeathSpank as a pirate! So even if you thought DeathSpank wouldn’t be up your alley, you may want to give the second game a try.

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Telltale asks, you answer

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Telltale Games are having another survey, for players in North America. The interesting thing is that you’ll get a free copy of the Wii version of Tales of Monkey Island: Lair of the Leviathan as a reward for filling in the survey. Here’s a link to the survey, but be advised that it is only for people in North America (so you can’t get the free game if you don’t live there). Also, quantities are limited, so hurry up!

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Weekly Wiki: Guybrush Q. Threepwood

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Guybrush Q. Threepwood is a pirate who is mentioned in The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood. Guybrush Q. harrassed Bosun Krebbs a long time ago, and she seeks revenge, mistaking Guybrush Ulysses for Guybrush Q. Guybrush U. has had similar problems before – for instance, he sometimes receives mail intended for Guybrush Q.

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Election day

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Once again, The International House of Mojo are holding their annual End of Year Polls. One of the polls asks which hosted site you think is the best. Now, we obviously do not want to influence voting, but I’ll just say that if you choose to vote for us, you may expect an imaginary chocolate chip cookie in your mailbox sometime soon.

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Polly: Should LeChuck return?

December 6th, 2010 by | 4 comments

68% of voters would prefer a hook to a peg leg. It may be because of scenarios similar to the disturbing one painted out by Haggis in screaming colors on a rainy night with a full moon. Now we look toward to the next season of ‘Tales’, because it’s surely going to happen, right? Right. Would you like LeChuck to return as the big bad guy or has his role been played out and he should take a break?

Polly: Should LeChuck return?

  • Yes! LeChuck forever! (47%, 36 Votes)
  • No. Let him sit out a bit and introduce a new villain. (13%, 10 Votes)
  • Yes. It's not MI without LeChuck, but he should not be the main villain. (40%, 31 Votes)

Total Voters: 77

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Something of the Thread: Carnival of Monkey Island

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With the forums restored to their for(u)mer glory, activity has picked up once again.

  • Firstly, HaydenWCE arrived on horseback bearing a message from the kingdom of Ye Telltale Forums. Some fans there are making a fan game called Carnival of Monkey Island, and you can help out. For more details, visit this thread.
  • Kosmik, a new member, has a problem with the iPad version of The Secret of Monkey Island. If you have that version of the game as well, perhaps you can help.
  • And the Harry Potter mania has also penetrated the thick walls of our forums, in the form of a thread where you can talk about your favourite film from the series.
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Horizons: A Short Ghost Story

December 5th, 2010 by | 3 comments

by: Michael Smith (author claims it’s true)


I was 14 years old at the time of my first sighting/encounter of Ghosts. My father and stepmother had just purchased this old farm house outside the town of Ford right next to the river Arun in Sussex England. It had a lot of land with it, including river rights. Being the oldest boy with two brothers and three sisters to look after I was always the baby sitter when my parents went out. It was on one of those nights just after putting my brothers and sisters to bed that I could sense that I was being watched. I grabbed the poker, and after stoking the fire in the living room, I started checking all the rooms still holding the poker in my hand. After not finding anything or anyone, I calmed myself down, put the poker back by the fireplace and decided to go to bed.

Coming out of the living room I grabbed a hold of the banister and started making my way upstairs to my room. Climbing the stairs I looked up and then froze on the spot, there at the top was a transparent figure of a man dressed in pirates clothes looking right down at me. I could see right through him, as there was a picture on the wall behind him that was still visible. He was clean shaven and wore a bandana on his head a sword on his side, in his right hand was a wine goblet that he would drink from. He just stood there looking at me and then he smiled, his mouth was moving as if he was speaking to me but I could not hear him. He raised his goblet as if in toasting to me and drank from it. He then turned around and vanished through the wall.

When I told my dad of what I saw he just laughed and said that he also had a visit from him and that it wont be the last. He then went on to explain that the farm house we moved into use to be a favorite place for pirates to hide out in many years ago and still do.

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