MI2:SE: What did YOU think?

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The special edition of the beloved second Monkey Island game has been out on a variety of platforms for a while now, so it’s about time we asked you the all-important question. (No, not where babies come from.) What reviewers think of the game is all well and good, but ultimately, only the opinion of Monkey Island fans truly matters. So, with that said… what did YOU think of the Monkey Island 2 Special Edition? Comment away!

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24 Responses to “MI2:SE: What did YOU think?”

  1. CS says:

    Overall I enjoyed the special edition, and it was definitely an improvement over the first one in terms of control on the PC. (You can finally play with just the mouse!)

    However, there were a lot of little things that I miss from the original — like the “midget wrestling” line when you try to pick up Wally, or Guybrush’s “I don’t suppose it’s a Nintendo game?” near the end.

    There were also some general problems with timing that threw a wrench into my enjoyment of the game. The timed situations such as nailing Stan in the coffin or moving the spitting contest flags now have to be done with lightning speed, which is frustrating. I also found myself wincing when the music wasn’t synced properly with the game, such as during the bone song or when Rapp Scallion was being reanimated.

    Oh, and one other thing that annoys me is the useless “Achievements” item on the main menu. Nothing screams “rushed console port” like an option on the first screen of the game that does absolutely nothing on a PC.

    But overall, I enjoyed the game, and I’m glad Lucasarts put the effort that they did into it. Definitely worth my $10.

    • Haggis says:

      I agree with you about the timed puzzles, those were really way too fast.

      About the achievements though, on Steam there actually are achievements, so that’s why the link is there in the PC version. Of course it doesn’t make a lot of sense when you download it from Direct2Drive, which has no achievements as far as I know.

      Apart from some minor issues though (like the bone song being out of sync) I really enjoyed it, and I do hope LucasArts will consider releasing more special editions.

      • CS says:

        I know that the achievements are there, but even in the Steam version, selecting the “Achievements” option in the game’s main menu doesn’t DO anything. At the very least I would assume it would open a browser to show the Steam achievements page.

  2. Gnome says:

    Well, in a nutshell, I loved it. The new art is really good, despite lacking the original’s dirty/scanned look, the remastered music is excellent and the commentary and unlockable artwork were great. Most of the voices were spot-on too. A

  3. Belly Hephton says:

    Not to be the voice of the contrary hear but what happened to this game! Nothing was right. There was a noise… THERE SHOULD NOT HAVe BEEN A NOISE THERE! plus when u figure it, elaine, C. LaChuck, Wally…. NONE of them voiced by the right people. The Cruse of Monky Island voice acters got it right…. BUT NONE OF THEM ARE IN THIS GAME! Plus when u figure it, there has got to be at least one major puzzle taken out of the back and put in “wrong” so to speak. I am talking about things like the spitting, like the contortion, and like getting C. Dread into your power. So whaqt I pretty much thing is this is a waste of $10 for a old sckool gamer like me, but if your a young one who has never played a good adventure game b4…be my guest! like young people know the first thing about PLAYING a ggood game, anyway. WTF people. Go play LSL or Codename Iseman or some crap like that. The laru Bow games. Or Grabel Knight. THOSE ARE BAD GAMES THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE A G OOD ONE!!! I cant see how they could, in good conscience, let this game blow so much like a piece of trash that obviously it will have to be considered to have been.

    • Haggis says:

      Wow, calm down a bit. You’re entitled to your opinion, but try not to insult young people in the process. 🙂

      Regarding your point about the voice actors, I can already think of two that were in this and in CMI: Dominic Armato and Earl Boen. And that’s just off the top of my head.

    • SilverWolfPet says:

      Umm, dude… They were the SAME voice actors from CMI. Check the credits!

    • CS says:

      Yeah, all of the characters you mentioned have the same voice actors that they did in Curse. Even Wally, though his actor (Neil Ross) did the voice a little differently.

  4. Kururuson says:

    My god, I loved this game. The voice acting really added to it. For example, when Stan was nailed in the coffin? In normal!Edition, I just felt Guybrush was a jerk. In special!Edition, with Stan shouting and worrying, the voice made me feel bad for him. And I’m a fangirl for Wallys accent, squee!

    The commentary made some new in-jokes for me and my adventure game partner.

    But… the timing did make it a bit hard. I admit, I went into classic mode to beat some puzzles. 😀 But it wasn’t a game breaker.

    And I don’t mind the changed sequences. And the Bone Song? I understand it might have been hard to sync it, seeing as they’ve got lots of variables and different length lines.

    So. Yeah. I like. 😀

  5. Nate Tucker says:

    The UI is amazing. Much better than the first SE. The artwork is awesome. The voices are so enjoyable. I’m really impressed with this port.

    I DO wish you could double click to exit a scene (like in Monkey 3). Other than that, I’ve had no hangups.

    Great job, LucasArts. Definitely worth the money. Or monkey.

  6. Coconut says:


    The Idea MI could be released was very exiting especially because it was for a lot an old souvenir coming back from our childhood. But it seems that not to be a bit disapointed by the new version is imposible cause we have each imagine the voices or some details that we never succed to decipher. Plus, some of us may have bluntly hoard the MI’s univer in their own creations.

    I have dream so long of a new MI that i’m disapointed from the begining. I found, although it is beautiful, that the art is not as definite as that of Purcell (made by hand)-Just an example with the Largo’s spit on the beam…
    I dislike also Guybrush, voice and appearance: looks like to thin, to tall, to blond and not enough bearded…

    The songs are great of course. I’ve not yet listen Jojo…

    Now i’am not as impatient as i was to play the new version.

    To improve or to make-up an art work is very delicat. So,a lot of critics, but this is better than silence.

  7. Joshi says:

    I haven’t finished it yet, but so far I’ve enjoyed it. I like the character designs better than in the SOMI:SE and like going back and forth between the classic and se graphics. Also, it’s afforded me a reason to go back and play the game again (it’s been a few years since my last play).

  8. Sooker says:

    Like I said before, I can’t play it because of my AthlonXP-CPU. And I find that reeeealy dissapointing. It’s the first game that ever screwed with me like that.

    I can even play Crysis (!!) on my machine.. but this 2D PointN’Click..´No way..

    And no answers to this issue in the LucasArts Forums.
    This really sux.

  9. Hande says:

    All though there were many good features there were surprisingly many annoying over-sights, like LeChuck’s walk animation, the whole Rapp Scallion scene, the Bone Song, the opening credits getting cut etc.

    The new additions all worked well with the exception of the analogue-walking which I found to be entirely pointless. The new interface was nice though I fumbled with it a little bit when I replayed SMI:SE over again where the interface was entirely different. =P Both were good in their own way though once you get used to them.

    And it’s not like SMI:SE didn’t have flaws but somehow they were a lot less noticeable for some reason. Not bad but they could have done a lot better in places.

    But a few congratulations:
    – Great cast
    – Great soundtrack
    – Great commentary

  10. Luis says:

    Well…for me…I´m 35 old and I (still) believe that Adventure Games can make a came back on the game world. Let´s see if I´m right when I´m 60.
    Concerning MI2SE, it felt like a little time travel trip. I like the job they made. The voices, the graphics (really enjoyed those), and of course the music. I wished there were more comments in-game from Ron, Tim and Dave. I liked also the artwork extras!!I enjoy this sort of curiosities like the extras on the DVDs.
    Yes, I too felt that game ended to quickly (maybe because I finished the thing 1000000 times?? hihihihi).
    Will it be a SE to MI3??? Can they improve more the cool artwork from MI3?? hum….

    PS: HI HAGGIS!!!

  11. monkey matt says:

    lovin these special editions! played 1& 2 when i was young. never played 3 & 4 so i hope we get a SE of those cuz i remember how to beat these like it was yesterday and i could use a challenge.

  12. Dalixam says:

    As many people I find he updated graphics, voices, and music a great thing. However, there are some things that annoys me.

    As people have said, the timed puzzles. I had to switch to classic mode to complete the spitting contest and at the end with LeChuck in the tunnels. I can’t believe the QA testers didn’t pick up any of these or maybe they did and the programmers didn’t have time to fix them or didn’t bother. Unfortunately, I don’t expect LucasArts to make a patch. This makes the game unable to be completed in the updated version (for me at least) and I think that’s a shame.

    I was also disappointed with the bonus features. The commentary was pretty dull and there wasn’t much of it. Also, Ron Gilbert sounded like he was bored to death.

    The concept art galley felt like it was thrown together in five minutes. I didn’t need any of these things to enjoy the game, but since they were a big selling points I expected more.

    The interface is better than in the first SE and that’s a huge plus.

    All in all, it’s a good updated version with a few kinks, but well worth the $10.

    • Hande says:

      That’s funny. I have the Xbox 360 version and I can’t complete the spitting contest on Classic mode (there seem to be different timing issues between the PC and Xbox versions). Weird.

      I don’t think Gilbert was bored. I’ve listened to interviews with him, he always sounds like that. =D

  13. threepy says:

    I really enjoyed it, which surprised me because it was my least favourite originally (well, not counting Tales). Loved the humour and the environment. What put me off initially though was the difficulty and it still frustrated me at times. I like hard games, no point in an adventure game being linear after all-but the entire second act seems a bit too open. A slight nudge towards which map pieces to go for first would have been nice for me, not necessarily to make it easier, but a bit less confusing. It was a part of the game that was so open with environment etc. and it doesn’t match up when something has to be done in such a particular order.

    The only part I didn’t really enjoy was the final act (puzzle spoilers ahead btw). That was one that really stumped me (hadn’t played it in a while), and most of what must be done to make the voodoo doll was a bit too frustrating for my liking. It was a bit too much of a try-every-object-on-everything thing because offering LeChuck a tissue, dropping a coin to get his underwear and the elevator puzzle to get his beard were a bit too strange to expect the general player to get it without a huge amount of luck and time (more than I expect anyway).

    Voice work was good, music was good, art was good. I’m just glad it got me to play Monkey Island 2 again. The voice or Largo was average, would have preferred better, but then for Largo I will forever have in my head the voice heard in the April Fools from years back.

    Had a small problem with the spitting contest but managed to do it without classic mode after a while (though of course had I not known what to do I could have given up so there was a small problem), and the same with the tunnel at the end.

    Great thing to add voices to classic mode also, I thought it would feel out of place but it was enjoyable playing through certain things in Classic Mode with voices.

  14. hathen says:

    I think they did a really good job with the animation on this one and even though some puzzles were faster on the SE I foun that it made it harder and more rewarding when you got it right

    PS: if a tree falls in the forest and there is no one around to hear it what colour is the tree???

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