No Curse of Monkey Island: Special Edition

July 18th, 2010 by | 36 comments

Bill Tiller, lead background artist on The Curse of Monkey Island, tweeted this on July 17th:

“No CMI SE for me. Not sure there will even be one. Bummed.”

Apparently, Bill knows that LucasArts is not interested in making a Special Edition for Monkey Island 3 and, honestly, who can blame them? The graphics are holding out fine, the voice acting is top notch and the game really doesn’t seem to need a face-lift. Sure, you still need ScummVM to play it, sure it doesn’t support 16:9 monitors… but it’s still okay.

Pure speculation: wouldn’t it be cool if someone could convince the heads of LA to concentrate their efforts into making a NEW Monkey Island game? What do you think? Post a comment, don’t be shy!

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36 Responses to “No Curse of Monkey Island: Special Edition”

  1. Sam says:

    I think a CMI SE is totally doable if they simply KEEP everything as it is and provide it all in higher quality. Sound was undoubtedly recorded by today standards but simply reduced in quality later on to fit on cds, same thing with the artwork used, I’m pretty sure it is available in higher resolution. As for the sprite animations, I’m not sure.
    If they don’t, then at the very LEAST, they have to re-release it on Steam.

    As for a new Monkey game from LucasArts… I wouldn’t get on board unless Gilbert is the captain of that ship.

    • Hannah Baer says:

      As i posted, i whole heartedly agree. same game, for my modern computer

    • Alex says:

      Agree with Sam, and agree with Hannah. Curse is my favourite MI game. Somehow my copy from 1997 is still working! but, one day the disc will decide against me, or my computer will upgrade. RE-RELEASE PLEASE :D.

      • adam says:

        they should remake both 3 qnd 4 plus make 5th espically as he makes refernces in game for a five part game i loved 3 and 4 but since i upgraded to windoes 7 had to sell them as they wouldn’t work anymore gutted

  2. Joshi says:

    Any chance of an EMI retool… perhaps just make it again in 2d? :p

  3. Chris says:

    I don’t think it’s safe to leave the Monkeys to Telltale for a while… Definitely not in need of MI3&4 SEs.

    It would be interesting to see a new adventure from LucasArts but I really wonder if the creative minds to pull it through is there… Still, would love to see “Grim Fandango 2 – The 9th Underworld” ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. poke says:

    I think the perfect thing to finish this line of Monkey Island remakes would be getting Ron Gilbert back into the boat and make the _real_ third part and finish the original story.

    • haydenwce27 says:

      I am 100% against an alternate MI3; one timeline is enough.

      • Milania says:

        I agree that just a simple remake is not necessary. But how poke says, it would be grandiosely when they give Ron the chance to make the real CMI.
        But I don’t think that this will happpen ๐Ÿ™

        And I don’t think that the story of Monkey Island can be named as a timeline. A lots of people played with the story and changed it the way they liked it. So a clear timeline, how it ever has been thought of the creater, would be the very best.

        But indeed CMI is a very good game and even the story for himself is a nice part. Maybe they can mix it together in a remake, the good parts in CMI with the thought of Ron in a long version of CMI…

        Ja, ja if I had enough money I would… xD

    • threepy says:

      I’d agree if Monkey Island was hugely story driven but the stories have been light-hearted all the way through the series. I’m a little interestedi n where gilbert was going with the story though I’d hate him to make it as a game purely because it would be like overwriting CMI, which was a brilliant game.

      We did get a real 3rd game IMO.

      • McChuck says:

        Well, I agree with poke. CMI was ok but IMO it already started to leave the MI1 & MI2 sunsystem. It was already some steps outside – you could feel that it was not made by the same hands as the first two parts…and then MI4 just left the galaxy, starting with this odd 3d-crap…

        I really would be curious about a Ron-Gilbert-MI3-version…

  5. TheBearPaw says:

    No need for MI3 SE, but they should really rerelease these old games. Right now, they’re nowhere to be found!

    Plus, I’d really love to have a disc version of these two Special Editions, not just some digital download. Ya know, for collective purposes.

  6. Luis says:

    I agree! Donยดt mess with CMI! Although they could do something with the the following games ( I never get used to that kind o graphics, with the exception of my dear Grim Fandago)

  7. SubSidal says:

    New MI from LucasArts? Right now, absolutly not!! It’s not the same company anymore! It’s the same as saying: “Wouldn’t it be great if Valve made a new Monkey Island, or EA made a new Monkey Island?” They’re not the same company anyomore and myself I would like to see them develop a new original licensed adventure before I could even consider entrusting Monkey Island to them! For now it’s safe in the hands of TTG!

    And about people wanting the “real” MI3 from Ron Gilbert: I would really hate if he retconned the whole thing! Let’s face it: the series has grown past Ron’s original intent and developed a life of it’s own. If Ron said “this is the REAL MI3” it would be a severe lack of respect for the people who worked MI after him and towards the fans. What he could do however, was make a NEW MI that adapted his MI3 ideas placing them into the current storyline.

    • Milania says:

      Indeed, that is why I would appreciate a mixed version of CMI. Or maybe a MI 2.5, just to fill the story hole. Whereby the story between MI1 and MI2 isn’t really at on stretch, too^^

    • Johannes says:

      I really enjoyed the Monkey Island 1 & 2 SE!
      They Are great!
      Art is fine, same is the animating and voices!
      But I totally agree, GET RON BACK!!

  8. Lucian says:

    I would much rather a MI4 SE than CMI SE.

  9. Kas says:

    I would love to have another couple of monkey island games, LA please make this happen

  10. chris says:

    It would be ace if it also had the comic based of the first game by Paco Vink as an extra feature! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Alex says:

    I see your point Bill … but I think the original game should be re-released, to ensure the game will run smoothly with quality for the latest Windows/Mac softwares (like; Vista, XP .etc). Plus, backing up what somebody has mentioned already, the original game is difficult to buy locally, or even online. If found, then the price is still abit dear :/.

  12. ROGY says:

    I would like to see a Curse of MI in the format of the other special editions. I prolly stand alone on that one but theres something about the simplistic nature of 1 and 2 that I love. It would be cool to see how 3 would look in that style.

  13. Guybrush says:

    ild love any new kind of a mi game. whether its a remake or not. BUT PLEASE not in 3d graphics and no moving guybrush with your arrow keys.

  14. Sean Alexander says:

    Don’t think MI3 needs touched, it would be a LOT of effort to make that game visually better. The voices are there already, I think maybe a re-release of the original game, just modified to use on next gen consols and new PCs. Much like what Broken Sword have done.
    I think efforts should be used to create a new adventure…..It visually should look like the Trailer for the new MI2 game which was a little misleading, a very elaborate 2.5D cut scene was made that actually was a lot more advanced looking than the new game, this is exactly what needs to happen if there is to be a success

  15. Caroline says:

    No. Monkey Island 3 doesn’t need a retouch. 2D animation is fine. Agreed. But a re-release for today’s computer standards. They could push it to HD without changing anything too. MI3 is a hit and it is worth it to bring it back.

  16. Swakke says:

    I think personally Minkey Island 3 is fine as it looks, but support for 16:9 would be cool (since my resolution is 1920×1080, yea it does look crappy otherwise). So sticking that in a special edition so i don’t need to get ScummVM would be fun (not that i mind it but it’s a bit easier)

    So overall, it’s not needed but would be nice, I would definitely get it!

  17. Hannah Baer says:

    I am not keen for a new MI 3. I woul, however ove to be able to play it on my 64 bit computer. None of the old games work on my modern computer, so i have been reduced to special editions which just arent as wonderful as the original. Any chance of a 64 bit monekey?

  18. Hannah Baer says:

    ^ please forgive my shocking typing! Short version of story – I would LOVE to play monkey on my 64 bit computer.

  19. chris says:

    i just think it would be nice to by a box set of the games someday if the series ever does end ect! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Zack Chase says:

    Really I would just want it to be able to play through it. I don’t really care what it looks like. I’d heard about the series but hadn’t really cared about it until I saw Steam was having a sale on the new SEs and figured “what the hell?”. Totally loved them and bought the Tales series right after. Would absolutely buy the rest of the series if they released them ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Haggis says:

      Seeing how the chances of getting a special edition of Curse are pretty slim, I’d advise you to seek out a copy of the original game. Even by today’s standards, it’s quite beautiful, and if you like the other Monkey Island games, I think you’ll like Curse as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. a man who cannot be identified says:

    i agree with mr Zach Chase about having to re-release on steam and as someone else has stated there’s probably a lot of content hidden in the vaults at lucasarts being at full res and full quality so realistically there nuts if they don’t do a SE as they probably already have most of the high quality content.
    i owned the monkey island madness cd as a child “monkey 1 & 2” and loved it, i now own all the monkey island games currently available on steam, unfortunately i have to torrent 3 and 4 but i’m legit on all the others and cannot wait for 3 and 4 to hit steam so i can legitimately own them

  22. lucy says:

    i like the se ive only played

  23. I agree. CMI is fine just the way it is – but I strongly desire them to re-release it for modern computers. I own all of the Monkey Island games and own them legitimately (except Tales which I only own the first two chapters so far), but I cannot replay them without Scummv emulator (which I have). Colors are distorted in CMI on my Vista computer though, and would very much love to play it again as CMI might be my favorite in the series. Might be, it’s hard to say.

    I’m also interested in Ron Gilbert’s original intentions for the series – but I’d rather just be told the general story or be given the script he may or may not have written for it. I just want to know what he had in mind. I’m not sure about actually making it either, but if he did why put it into a time line at all?

    As far as new games to breach the gaps between already existing games, I mainly want Monkey Island 5 – but I think that’s the adventure Guybrush is ending when he arrives to plunge the Sword of Kuflu into LeChuck in Tales of Monkey Island, although it seems this is years after MI4. So, what adventures has Guybrush been on since MI4, what happened to Elaine’s grandfather who is Herman Toothrot (though contradictory to MI1 I think), and how did LeChuck come back from being torn apart as a stone giant by the Ultimate Insult? We’ve been told how he came back in MI2, MI3, and MI4, but not in Tales. And, as an added joke by the TTG people, Guybrush mentions one of his many forms as a “Walrus.”

    Besides, I’m not sure, but I think Ron Gilbert’s original secret of Monkey Island for part 3 is that maybe the MI universe is all pretend inside the head of a child lost at an amusement park with his big brother picking on him? Ah, the unsolved mysteries.

  24. Groovechamp187 says:

    I think they could take CMI and rewrite for high res, 5.1 sound to hear the creaking of the ship all around and the bustling of the port towns, sharpen up some of the lines, etc. I don’t feel much would need to be done as the cartoon like and artistic twists are beautiful as is.

  25. Legion_117 says:

    Well atleast re-release it for our Current Gen consoles. I would love to play it on my Xbox 360

  26. Michelle says:

    LucasArts: please, please – pretty please with whipped cream and a cherry on top – make a new Monkey Island game. (Ie. Monkey Island 5)
    Tales of Monkey Island seem to have diverge from the whole theme of “Monkey Island”… as in no monkeys, little references of monkey island itself, etc. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and all…but it has gone way out of track.

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