LucasArts listens to fans; updates MI2:SE

July 29th, 2010 by | 13 comments

If you own the Monkey Island 2 special edition on Steam, you’ll have noticed that it has been updated. The update fixes the bone song, which was horribly out of sync before. The intro sequence with the credits has returned as well, but only in the classic version of the game, meaning you’ll have to press F1 right at the start of the game to see it.

Did you notice any other fixes or changes, or do you know of patches on other platforms? Let us know in the comments!

Update: You can read about all the fixes on Steam’s website.

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13 Responses to “LucasArts listens to fans; updates MI2:SE”

  1. eastdragon says:

    hello talesofmi-team,
    i just happened to notice a minor but real annoying bug that won’t let me finish the game.
    see i’m stuck in the jungle on dinky island (no pun intented 🙂 and i mixed the distilled water with the instant cracker box and instantly gave the crackers to Polly just a second after that. sadly the box gave me only 2 (!) crackers instead of 3 because i believe i gave away one of the crackers to Polly too fast and now Polly won’t tell me the third step of the way from the pile of rocks and is still demanding a third cracker.
    so now i can’t find the place where X marks the spot or whatever.
    it seems by giving away one of the spawned crakcers i got only two. no i’m stuck and can’t finish the game?
    other than the bug itself, does anybody have a savegame to the beginning of Dinky Island for this game?
    hope i could be of any use… thanks in advance

  2. eastdragon says:

    false alarm!
    my bad, i oversaw the third cracker in the barrel behind polly, shame on me…

    other than that i didn’t notice any changes, keep up the good work and just delete my two posts thanks

    • SilverWolfPet says:

      Here, we don’t believe in hairdryers and deleting posts. So you’re stuck with the shame of not finding the third cracker FOR ETERNITY! Muahahahaha!

  3. Friar says:

    Apparently they restored the music in the Dinky Island jungle, and fixed a glitch in the acid pit, where your cursor wouldn’t appear.

    Anyone know if they’ve fixed the timing issus?

    • Dalixam says:

      They should be fixed. According to LucasArts this is what’s fixed:

      – Adjusted timing delays for certain puzzles
      – Fixed missing music in Dinky Jungle
      – Fixed music synching issue with the Bone Dance sequence
      – Fixed various music cross-fading issues
      – Added intro and outro credits sequences to the Classic version
      – Added acceleration curve to cursor speed
      – Increased volume level of “Classic” Chester

      I am very pleased to see they fixed these issues. I honestly didn’t expect them to do any kind of patch or update.

      • Friar says:

        Cool. The only thing missing now is a smooth transition between the visuals of certain scenes (such as the cliff face, or under the sea), still, a very minor issue, and i’m glad they’ve done what they have!

  4. henkie says:

    still no cursor when you hang over the acid pit after the dialogue with elaine (after guybrush falls in first)

  5. stuck says:

    I am stuck hanging above the acid pit with no cursor after dying once and speaking to elaine… any idea how to fix this bug?

  6. Charlene says:

    This missing cursor while over the acid pit is REALLY bugging me! In particular because they feel we can’t live without the classic intro sequence, so that got fixed, but nothing has been done (that I’m aware of) about a glitch that effectively STALLS THE GAME, causing people to have to replay from who knows where they saved last. I, for one, will have to start over at 10% if this error never gets patched. I realize it’s my own fault as far as forgetting to save, but I shouldn’t have to worry about the game essentially seizing up on me because of a stupid glitch! Very frustrating!

  7. Dino says:

    Really could use some help. I found the “X” on Dinky island and went to walk back through the jungle to find the box that I need to open with the crowbar. The problem is that I’m stuck in the woods. I’ve been at it forever, and I’m in an endless random loop. Is this a bug in the game?

    FWIW, I’m playing on xbox360.

    • zerep says:

      I have the same problem as ‘Dino.’ I’m playing the Special Edition version on the PC. It seems that if you find the ‘X’ in the Dinky Island Jungle after following the directions from the Parrot then go back into the jungle (I went north without digging) then you get stuck into an infinite loop of jungle with no discernable way out. The only ‘defining feature’ that I’ve been able to find is the dolphin topiary.

  8. Dehumanizer says:

    Is it just me, or is the cursor speed still weird?
    I’ve had this with both versions on PC, but sometimes I just ended up going back to classic mode because the cursor wasn’t so slow there.

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