Something’s missing…

July 29th, 2010 by | 4 comments

Thank you for sending so many questions! The doctor will answer each and every one of them soon… remember that he still has some left from six months ago. It’s not nice to leave questions unanswered. Though, you can still ask away!

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  1. Bildad says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My crew keeps telling me that Bildad is not a fearsome pirate name. Harris McMahon says that this is not a good name for a Pie-Rat Cap-Stain, (I think he said that, anyway,) and Phillip Cardstack says that Bildad indeed sounds more like a name of a Cracker. (Or did he say something else? I did not listen very well.) Finally, Manbrush Seepwood says I should consider changing my name.
    What is the best way to tell them that they are completely wrong? Someone with your name (Cough von Differentnorth) must have lots of experience with this issue.

  2. Harris McMahon says:

    Dear Doctor,
    My captain never listens to anything me and my mates tell him. Miraculously, he manages to pronounce my name right, although he never manages to do so with any other name. Besides, he has the silliest name a pirate captain can have. Perhaps this is another result of mispronouncement?
    My question to you, dear doctor, is which new name should I choose for myself. I feel that it is unfair that I own the only name that my captain pronounces right.

  3. A. Monkey says:

    Dear Doctor,
    A strange moustached man is standing outside my door, demanding that I let him in. I think he wants to shoot me and all my monkey friends. A few of them have hidden in various pockets but I can’t seem to get rid of him! Please help!

    P.S. He’s just eaten my brother!

  4. dumpling321 says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Thank you so much! I tried the mixture that you suggested and it cured my friends hangover. Unfortunatly, he managed to turn me into a zombie… so I have decided to visit you… so that I can EAT YOUR BRAIN!!

    P.S. apperently sister Agnes has a thing for zombies, and she has accepted my dinner invite for next tuesday… I managed to get out of my previous relationship simply by eating the girls brain ^_^

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