Weekly Wiki: Ozzie Mandrill

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Ozzie Mandrill is the second primary villain of Escape from Monkey Island and the head of Ozzie Mandrill Enterprises. He is a ruthless Australian business man whose sole goal in life is the gathering of wealth. With LeChuck, Ozzie orchestrates a sinister conspiracy to seize control of the Caribbean and extend his enterprises though crime, political manipulation, and deception. Ozzie’s wealth and lifestyle makes it very easy for him to cover his tracks and never be connected to any crime, including attempted murder, frame up, and conspiracy. He also plays integrally into the disappearance of H. T. Marley, the man who unintentionally started Ozzie’s obsession for power and money in the Caribbean.

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  1. OzzieMonkey says:

    Muhahaha! My name is recognized on wikipedia! At last, I shall rule the world!

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    Hey, Haggis! It would be helpful if you actually had a link to the Article of the Week. Just sayin’ =D

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    Oops, lemme fix that!

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