What is tha–CHHK!

August 21st, 2010 by | 12 comments

Let’s continue, shall we?

Oh…apologies for the lack of subtitles. Kauff almost ran out of time, but he promises to make it up to you by showing you some special bloopers next week!

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12 Responses to “What is tha–CHHK!”

  1. Zookeeper Dan says:

    Dear Dr…
    Every time at wort when its really silent around me, i start hearing Monkeys…please make it stop!!!

  2. Haggis says:

    Dear Doctor,

    A friend of mine has recently taken up knight-errantry, and asked me to be his squire. Do you think I should accept?

    PS: You should write a book on monkeyology.

  3. Friar says:

    I have enlisted in a competition where i have to pull weird faces in order to scare my opponent into submission. However, I always run out of creepy faces. You seem to have a scary face, could you show me some moves?

  4. OzzieMonkey says:

    Dear doctor,
    I will take your answer into consideration, but first, I need to get rid of the giant manatee that for some reason wants to have a relationship with me. Please help, because I really don’t want to be involved with any creature other than a monkey. Actually, I think I might need help with my monkey obsession, too.

  5. Farlander says:

    Dear doctor,
    I’m a time traveller. And because of one of my accomplices’ stupidity, the world will end in 75 days, 14 hours, 47 minutes, 33 seconds and 12 miliseconds.
    What should I do? Is it possible to save the world? Do you want to die? What is the meaning of life? Was the chicken before the egg?
    Thank you.

  6. Mr. Bus says:

    Stimate domnule doctor Von Diefendorf

    În această dimineaţă, am fost de mers pe jos la locul de muncă, atunci când am fost lovit de o masina. Stau întins pe drum, chiar acum într-o mulţime de durere şi nimeni nu este de aproximativ. Ce trebuie să fac?

    Dl de autobuz

    • Dragonfly says:

      Google language tools, eh?

      • SilverWolfPet says:

        Haha, sounds like it. I like the “nimeni nu este de aproximativ”. Hahaha! Good one!

        • Farlander says:

          Btw, are you from Moldova or Romania? (I’m from Moldova)

          • SilverWolfPet says:

            This will sound really stupid and I apologize in advance. I believe that Romania=
            Romanian Country+
            So, I’m from Romania, and you’re from Romania too, we’re just from diferent regions 🙂 That is, of course, if you’re not talking about Republica Moldova, which is a different region altogether but with a similar name.
            I’m from Bucharest, the capital.

  7. Farlander says:

    Yes, I really do mean Republic of Moldova. Ex-USSR by now and stuff. History’s a bitch :p

  8. apenpaap says:

    Dear doctors Kauff and Gustav,
    People keep pronouncing my username as Ay-penpaap, while it’s pronounced Ah-penpaap. What can I do to make them stop doing that? Also, people often capitalize it, but apenpaap is supposed to be written without capitals. What can I do?


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