The hamster fell out of the wheel

June 21st, 2009 by | 3 comments

As you probably noticed, we had some problems this weekend. I like to blaim Paco who in return points his finger at Haggis and Junaid, but the people at our generaous host The International House of Mojo have fixed it and Paco is now off the hook 🙂

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3 Responses to “The hamster fell out of the wheel”

  1. Haggis says:

    Okay, I admit it… I put the hamster in the microwave. No, not really, but here’s a video showing what happened to the hamster.

  2. LennieMelvin says:

    Haggis – Weird Ed is gonna be so mad with you!

    And cute hamster video, I laughed so much =]

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