Horizons: Real Monkey Island?

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Did you ever dream of crawling on the beach of Monkey Island, whining on how you got stranded there while tourists give you strange looks? Well, if you can afford the trip, now you can fulfill that dream and we can show you how!

Believe it or not but people actually named a few islands after the LeChuck’s first settlement. For instance, Sarushima (Saru = Monkey, Shima = Island)) is an uninhabited island located just off the coast of Yokosuka. Once a fortress, it’s now a popular day trip destination for history buffs and beachgoers, also well-known among Tokusatsu fans as the location of Shocker‘s secret base in Kamen Rider. 10 minutes boat ride from Mikasa Pier near the US Yokosuka Naval Base. 1,200 yen ($13) for adults, 600 for children (round-trip). The boat to Monkey Island runs everyday from March through November, weekend only from December to February. You can’t spend the night on the island so make sure to check the schedule and don’t miss the last boat back.

The island gets crowded on weekends, especially in summer, so autumn or winter might be better if you want to feel the deserted fortress atmosphere.

Don’t like THIS particular Monkey Island? No problem, we’ve got more! Arm-wave arm-wave! The island of Monos (aka Isla de Monos) consists of approximately 1,000 acres and is primarily mountainous with welcoming bays. Vegetation on the island consists of Salt-fish Wood, Cactus, Hog Plum, Naked Indian, Agave, Manicou Fig and Queen of the Forest.
The island of Monos is positioned west of the Chaguaramas Peninsula. It lies between the first and second Bocas which is the name given to the passages of water between the off shore islands. Monos has many beautiful bays and holiday resorts. (or so they say in the source)

An Island is too big for you? Well why didn’t you say so? We’ve got Monkey Island – The City! You may want to buy an estate here. No, really, come by our office in Monkey Island, Oklahoma 74331!

If you want something that’s really out of this world, you could try visiting (gasp!) Monkey Island, Lingshiu, Tianxia Haijiao (which literally means “Edge of the World”). NOTE: There may be a spelling error in the name, as we can’t really find links or pictures to this place, except for an old  article in a Romanian newspaper.

There sure are plenty other examples. Know any? Write about them in the comments section! Links are allowed 🙂

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  1. Wally says:

    There’s a Monkey Island on the Thames in Marlow. It’s used as a venue for receptions and big parties but isn’t as popular as it used to be back in the 80’s apparently. My life goal is to earn enough money to buy the whole island and live there!

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