Horizons: Discworld

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Today I would like to introduce you – that is, if you haven’t been introduced already – to an amazing series of books that take place in another world: Discworld. Conceived by Terry Pratchett, they are a series of nearly 40 comedy fantasy books, which are very fun to read.

If you don’t like reading though, don’t worry, because some of these books have been adapted into cartoon and live action films. There’s even a CD with music that’s inspired by Discworld. If that still sounds like it’s just not for you, well, have I got a treat up my sleeve…

The Discworld video game. Released in 1995, this graphic adventure in the style of LucasArts adventure games should appeal to Monkey Island fans. It features an all-star voice cast, including Eric Idle, Jon Pertwee, and Tony Robinson, who has also narrated many (abridged) Terry Pratchett books. You may want to consult a walkthrough now and then though, because the puzzles are hard. Still, it’s definitely worth checking out! And if you are done, you could also check out Discworld II and Discworld Noir. If you still don’t feel like reading the books then… well, there’s just no hope for you.

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    I think I’ll try this! Tnx!

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