Something of the Thread: Talk like a Pirate

September 19th, 2010 by | 2 comments

Avast, mateys! Today be Talk like a Pirate Day, which means ye better be hoistin’ yer sails an’ drainin’ yer mugs o’ grog dry! Speakin’ o’ which, ye can now get the greatest pirate game, Tales o’ Monkey Island, fer only 5 dubloons!

But wait! That be not all, for ye can also buy Monkey Island 2 on the Arrrrpple App Store fer the price o’ a can o’ grog. If that does nae satisfy yer hunger fer adventure, get Jolly Rover cheaply, ya cheapskate.

An’ between playin’ these mighty fine games, be sure to set sail to the forums, where ye can palaver with yer fellow sailors about some stinkin’ books, or about those wonderful sea shanties that warm yer pirate heart. And now, let’s have another mug o’ grog, me hearties! Drink up, yo ho!

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2 Responses to “Something of the Thread: Talk like a Pirate”

  1. SilverWolfPet says:

    Yo ho ho!

  2. Brush Guy says:

    It’s not just MI2 that is ridiculously cheap, MI1 as well. Oh, and Arrr!

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