Weekly Wiki: El Pollo Diablo

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Hide your kids, hide your wife, and hide your husband cuz it’s El Pollo Diablo and he’s eating errbody out there! El Pollo Diablo, also known as the Giant Demon Chicken or The Devil Chicken, is a mythical creature living on Plunder Island. Although no one has ever seen him, the notion of him has the citizens of Plunder Island scared. Especially Captain Blonderbeard who believes that El Pollo Diablo is responsible for releasing his chickens from their coops, hurting his business.

Tall as a man and twice as powerful, his massive drumsticks propel him through the dark jungle with ease. On the eve of the full moon, his blood-curdling squawk can be heard from every corner of Plunder Island. It is believed that one day, he will roam the island, exacting terrible vengeance on those who would capture and eat his smaller brethren.

Guybrush is tarred and feathered at one point in the game and you can go around the city and scare everyone as El Pollo Diablo. Try it the next time you play The Curse of Monkey Island 🙂

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    Best opening sentence evar!

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