Season 1 Finale

September 25th, 2010 by | 21 comments

Yup, here it is, the last episode of season 1. Don’t expect anything spectacular… it’s just good ol’ Kauff answering questions and sharing some news regarding the future. Enjoy!

Oh and, by the way, subtitles are so… 3 columns ago! The latest fashion is turning up the volume to hear the words better. (>.> I ran out of time, okay? Shut up and watch)

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21 Responses to “Season 1 Finale”

  1. nitramred says:

    Dear Doctor,

    thank you for your help – your performance on stage truly inspired me and my traveling theatre group “The Loyal Chimps’ Ear Company”. I’d really wnated to cast you for the lead role in “Speare! – The Musical” but I understand you’re a busy man. So I think of asking Gustav von Schneider instead. Do you think he is a good performer? I hope he doesn’t mind wearing a wig because the lead role – as anyone familiar with the play knows – is a flooring inspector becoming the meanest pirate in the whole Caribbean and therefore has to transform into a filthy sea-dog. While trying to win the love of a nice manateeologist that was washed ashore of Floatsam Island after a terrible tempest.
    So if you meet Gustav on top of the mountain, would you please ask him about Loom … uhm .. the role?

    Thank you very much in advance.
    Yours truly

  2. Kauff Von Diefendorg says:

    Dear Imposter,

    My lawyers will be in contact soon enough. I am afraid that your pathetic charade of imitation is up. Also, my friend Gustaf Von Schneidel would like a word with your other imposter friend.

    Cease these videos immediately,
    Doctor Kauff Von Diefendorg

  3. Lombre says:

    Dear Mr. K. Von D.,
    While exploring New York in search of a new monkey wrench, I came across a magical toybox. When I opened the toybox (you never know, some people might consider a monkey wrench to be a toy), I felt a strange tingling sensation and all these toys flew out and gave me magic powers. Now a bunch of people are chasing me and trying to get the toybox and my brain! People like a space ape, an old man in a fez, and Dumpling321. WHAT DO I DO!?
    Awaiting your reply,
    Lombre Von Schneider

  4. Tolpiwan says:

    Dear Gustav von Schneider & Kauff von Diefendorf,

    Why can’t you become friends? What is it that stands between you two? I will of course have to review every Episode of Ask a Monkeyologist, but I right now I don’t remember any remark on the actual Problem. Please enlighten me with your Answers so that I can decide on the need to put you out of your misery or whether a more peaceful solution can be found.

    MfröhlichfG —> Tolpiwan aka Me, myself and I

  5. Dumpling321 says:

    Dear Doctor,
    Congratulations on surviving until a second season! In the gap between seasons, some very amazing things have transpired that I simply MUST tell you all about, in explicit detail!

    The first thing was that Sister Agnes and I found a cure for my zombification! It is so nice to have a pulse again, and thankfully I still enjoy the strength of a zombie and the taste of brains.

    Secondly, I asked Sister Agnes to be my lovely wedded brain-eating-nun-wife, and she said yes! Oh, the wedding was just beautiful, and the first night of the honeymoon…. Let me just say, life long chastity has its benefits in the end *wink wink*

    And last, Sister Agnes and I had a lovely little girl. We named her Agatha (adorable name, no?) and she just last week ate her first whole brain! We recorded the whole thing, but unfortunately the tape was also eaten by her. Which is a shame, I’m sure you would have loved to watch it.

    Well, that about wraps it up for me. I hope you had a lovely break, and I look forward to emailing you every day from now on!

    Many drooling, brain-lusting hugs and kisses,

    • dumpling321 says:

      hello DUMPLING it is me DUMPLING!! I do not appreciate being impersonated by someone whom i do not know… If you attempt it again i WILL eat your BRAIN!!

      your not-friend Dumpling321

      • Dumpling321 says:

        Dear Doctor,

        I have a problem, and me and my lovely wife are willing to work together with you to solve it.

        It seems that someone is impersonating me through the anonymity of the internet, and I have no idea who.

        Please help me find out who so my wife, Sister Agnes, can turn him into brain cookies for me and our sweet daughter.

        Your best friend ever,

        • dumpling321 says:

          *eats imposters brains* NOM NOM NOM!

          I will now enjoy the date I am sopposed to be having with my GIRLFRIEND alot more, now that THAT has been taken care of…

          • Dumpling321 says:

            Dear Kauff,

            THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! This impostor is being very much a nuisance to me and my lovely WIFE’s wellbeing! Help!!!!

            Your very much good friend (unless you don’t help because then I will eat your brains),

  6. dumpling321 says:

    okay… something that only the REAL dumpling would know… how many children would sister agnes eventually like to have…

    • Dumpling321 says:

      • SisterAgnes says:

        I know what your doin you nefarius impostor! You’re trying to steal me for yourself… well it’s not working! I know now without a doubt that you are an impostor because only the impostor would get that question wrong… The correct answer to that question is Seven. I want seven children, and we will name them after the days of the week… our first child will be named Sunday, fllowed by Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and finally Saturday. You will never win you scoundral, because I know that my dumpling321 is the REAL dumpling321 and you are not… so there =P

  7. SilverWolfPet says:

    ^ you guys are…crazy… o.O

    you do realize this will end up in the show, right? :))))

  8. SisterAgnes says:

    P.S. The thing that attracted me to dumpling321 in the first place was the fact that he was a zombie, I have a thing for zombies, why in the world would I help him cure his zombification if that’s what attracted me to him in the first place… please check your facts next time you imposter…

    • SisterAgnes says:

      Finally you might note that dumpling321 ALWAYS posts his name with a lower-case d… NOT a capital D… you might want to research the people who you will be impersonating in the future a little better.

  9. dumpling321 says:

    WOW! thanks sweetie ^_^ I couldn’t have said it better myself…

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