Weekly Wiki: Jambalaya Island

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Hey kids, wanna go to an exotic place with plenty of tourists that ruin the mood? Then let’s head on to Jambalaya Island!

Jambalaya Island is the second new island introduced in Escape from Monkey Island. It is where Guybrush Threepwood begins to search for the pieces of the Ultimate Insult. The island, once a genuine piratey island, has been overrun by tourists thanks to the handiwork of Ozzie Mandrill. All real pirates have been driven off to the nearby Knuttin Atoll, where they are kept prisoner by the paranoid Admiral Ricardo Casaba. With the island empty, Ozzie then reshaped it into a pirate-themed resort island, complete with its own currency, Jambalaya Bucks. The island is also home to a diving competition where Marco de Pollo is the grand champion. In the town centre a major tourist attraction is the statue of Tiny LaFeet.

Here you can spend time (and money) at Planet Threepwood (restaurant), StarBuccaneers (coffee shop), Micro-Groggery (bar) and Stan’s Timeshare Emporium!

Have fun and take plenty of pictures!

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