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Think you’re creative? Think you’ve got writing talent? Well, so do we! That is why we’re bringing you this little contest.

The rules are simple: you get a comic strip with three panels, the last panel is missing it’s punchline, fill it in with your best ideas! Our team will select a winner each week in two weeks, on Tuesday, and post the next strip on Wednesday. The comic’s story will depend on the winning punchline every time, so you guys are actually writing it.

Let’s give it a shot, shall we?  This week’s comic!

Write your suggestions for the punchline (as many as you want) in the comment section below. Good luck!

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23 Responses to “Punchline!”

  1. haydenwce27 says:

    Comb your hair with it! *high pitched laugh*

  2. StuWildheart says:

    “Ehh, never mind.”

  3. OzzieMonkey says:

    Put it in your pants! You never know when it might come in handy some day.

  4. Edward VanHelgen says:



    I don’t know but your HAIR SMELLS!


    I tought so.

  5. Trenchfoot says:

    “Add a lightsaber to it. And call him Guy-Brüsh Kenobi”

  6. Harris McMahon says:

    Dip it in ink and put a miniature porcelain cutlass in his hand!

  7. TheBearPaw says:

    “Whatever you want”

  8. Jeeno says:

    You should bury it under a perfectly good ‘x’.

  9. nitramred says:

    Cut off its hand to actually give it some action.

  10. nitramred says:

    Well, if you don’t know – you’d better hide it again.

  11. nitramred says:

    Put it next to mine I got when it REALLY brand new.

  12. lombre says:

    Give it a banana! It can shoot the monkey!

  13. Jasmin says:

    Sell it on ebay and buy a new wig!

  14. Harris McMahon says:

    You should make the two missing heads and add them to it.

  15. Harris McMahon says:

    You should use it to play ‘Lawyer and Client’.

  16. Harris McMahon says:

    Sell it to Stan, he is the only one who can find a use for it.

  17. WDRPGWD says:

    Donate it to a museum, because that’s where it belongs!

  18. feuerschein says:

    “You should give it to me.”

    “You should give it to somebody who deserve is – Me.”

    “You should put it down, otherwise you might hurt yourself.”

    “You should ask the monger down the street to give you your money back.”

    “Use action figure with Kauff”

    “Throw it away and stalk the original, like all the other groupies”

    “Use it as bait for the real one”

    “Eat it.”

  19. feuerschein says:

    “Play with it – like all the other children.”

  20. feuerschein says:

    “Remove the ‘brand’ and the ‘new’ and sell it to the REAL collectors.”

  21. Spadge says:

    “A brand new Guybrush Action Getaway!”

  22. Dragonfly says:

    cuz if you do… I have at least 7896 plausible reasons to tell you why you shouldn’t.

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