Monkeyologist: Season 2 – Episode 1

October 9th, 2010 by | 5 comments

The story continues…  😉

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  1. ser_pounce says:

    Dear Doctor,

    Sometimes I feel that everybody has got something to hide except for me & my monkey. Do you think that is an accurate representation of the human condition?

    – ser_pounce

  2. TomPravetz says:

    Who me?
    Aww… I love you Adel. In a… not creepy(?) way.
    Thank you ever so much! 😀

    (OH, HAPPY DAY!)

  3. Farlander says:

    Dear doctor,
    First, thank you for your answers.
    Second, while time travelling to save the world from it’s inevitable doom (we’ve managed to push the end of the world 213 days ahead, by the way) I saw a strange thing in the past timeline – Gustav (it’s him, he even mumbled about taking revenge on Kauff) killed your still young father and went somewhere with your still young mother. If you still exist, that means Gustav is your father now. Thought you would like to know that.

    I’m sorry to say that I can’t get back your father because it will return the original end of the world day, so you’ll have to live with the new changed timeline – it’s a small sacrifice to pay.

    Best regards,

  4. feuerschein says:

    Dear Doctor,

    can I go out with you?

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