Weekly Wiki: Anemone

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This week we take a peak at Anemone who is a Vaycaylian living on Spinner Cay, This lovely creature runs the Bait and Repair shop as well as the raft transit between the neighboring islands. Anemone‘s gender is unclear, but seems to flirt a lot with Guybrush and suspects he flirts back. It is later discovered that Anemone and Reginald Van Winslow have a thing going on.

Anemone is a super-fast swimmer and an expert at repairing the masts of ships. (S)he can swim from Spinner Cay to Spoon Isle, collect a fallen tree trunk from the shore, drag it back to Spinner Cay, replace it for a broken mast on the Screaming Narwhal on the pier, then return to the Bait shop, all apparently within a few seconds. It’s possible that Anemone is female as at one point in “The Siege of Spinner Cay”, Guybrush needs some fish eggs and she “makes” him some.

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  1. Ferder says:

    They’re pretty much the Na’vi of the Caribbean

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