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The Marquis De Singe is the second primary villain in Tales of Monkey Island. He is an aristocratic doctor/scientist with wild ambitions and conducts experiments on living creatures, including humans. When he first meets Guybrush Threepwood and the pox coursing through his hand and body, he develops plans to extract the pox and create an elixir to prolong his life. As the game continues, De Singe’s plans become much more violent and soon pose a threat to every pirate in the seven seas.

Former Court Physician to King Louis, he was the best scientist in all of France until he was accused of conducting inhumane cross-breading experiments with the Queen’s poodles and was sent by the King to be exiled on the deserted Flotsam Island. After wandering the island, he discovered the ancient technology of the Vaycaylians and a large device used to create massive winds. By using this, ships would crash on Flotsam with nobody able to leave while the winds were directed towards the island. With the many people on the island, De Singe was able to further his scientific research by using the people as test subjects and amputating assorted body parts.

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  1. Luna says:

    The not french doctor is one of the great characters of Tales and a fantastic second antagonist. His dead is the most disgusting one of the series.

    • haydenwce27 says:

      Agreed, but also one of the most exciting :D. But what makes his death even worse is the possibility that his jus de vie (immortality) may have still been in effect, meaning that he was still alive after being blasted into a billion tiny pieces.

      This is, however, just a fan theory. However, developers have also mentioned that it is one of the two possibilities.

      Horrible thought, yes?

    • Haggis says:

      What I don’t really understand is the whole not-French thing. I mean, if he’s not French, what is he? Canadian? Belgian? Or did he pick up the French accent during his stay in France, and he just happens to have a French-sounding name? If he’s not French, I’d love to know what he is exactly.

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