Punchline! – 3

October 21st, 2010 by | 11 comments

Yaaay, another winner this week! Let’s see how we’re doing so far (by shamelessly copying the pattern used in this thread on the Telltale Games Forum).

lombre x1

Harris McMahon x1

Congratulations to the winners and here’s this week’s punchline! Keep those suggestions coming! We may even make this interesting around X-Mas, with a real prize. Let’s see some punchlines mateys!

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11 Responses to “Punchline! – 3”

  1. Captain Mickey says:

    Maybe it’s that brain eating friend of yours.

  2. guimero64 says:

    National geographic!
    Don’t be scared, you said yourself:
    Me brain? No brain!

  3. haydenwce27 says:

    Oh no, not another leather jacket salesman!

  4. lombre says:

    That’s just the owner of this hotel. They knock every now and then trying to deliver my “bill”. Ridiculous, right?

  5. Harris McMahon says:

    Oh, it’s about time that my banana supplier comes…

  6. haydenwce27 says:

    Oh, don’t worry, those ‘knocks’ are just painted on the door.

  7. Harris McMahon says:

    (Whispers) ‘Not the wig salesman, oh please not the wig salesman!’

    ‘*sigh* Its inspector Plustard. Again.’

    ‘Oh, just an angry mob made of the fans whose lives were ruined by Ask a Monkeyologist™.’

  8. SLRibs says:

    It appears there is a rapping upon the chamber door.

  9. Trenchfoot says:

    It’s probably ourselves one minute into the future!

  10. Jasmin says:

    That must be Sister Agnes and Dumpling321!

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