Monkeyologist: Kauffnapped

October 24th, 2010 by | 10 comments

Apparently Kauff has been kidnapped. The kidnapper(s?) ask for a ransom to give us a video tape with Kauff. They ask for a tribute, such as a drawing, a poem, a song or any other creative material regarding them or this situation. The best tribute will appear in one of the next episodes… but will there be more episodes?? “It’s up to you” writes Gustav, er, I mean, the kidnappers.

Mini-update: A new screenshot from the Kauff and Gustav Game can be found here!

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10 Responses to “Monkeyologist: Kauffnapped”

  1. dumpling321 says:

    my poem…

    there once was a man, quite insane,
    who decided to kidnap his bane,
    He awoke with a start,
    with a loud pounding heart,
    for dumpling had eaten his brain…

  2. guimero64 says:

    Dear doctor,
    I know I had already posted this song
    but I always need to try two times.

    here is my song:

    The Joy of Amputation!

    ♪♫♪♫♫♪♫♪♫♪(pirate music)

    “Hoy! Hoy! The joy of amputation!
    When you’ve got no other solution
    to your stupid situation!
    you don’t have to resist
    just ask a monkeologist!

    But sometimes he can be wrong
    His answers lead to self-mutilation!
    Now my head is hurting!
    Dumpling321 is dating!

    So in these situations
    there are no directions!
    You have to go through amputation!

    Hoy! Hoy! The joy of amputation!
    I’ve just chopped off my head!
    Now I must be cautious!
    By the way my brain is delicious!

    You see how can amputation
    can be a good solution!
    But now that I’m headless
    All I can do is be lifeless!

    Hoy! Hoy! The joy of amputation!?”


  3. Eventus says:

    I am not good in making poems
    for sure it’s quite hard to learn
    But as a real MI-Fan
    I will try it again and again

    Monkey Island is my life
    And as long you give me an advice
    The Monkeys would not shoot by Gustav
    Because I took his Wig and Fake-Moustage

  4. tabstis says:

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I love Kauff
    and Gustav Von Schneider…


  5. tabstis says:

    Also, it is outrageous that this post is not entitled:


    Good day, sir.

  6. Dragonfly says:

    Doctor, doctor…I can’t think!
    Guess I really need a drink…
    Scumm Bar’s closed, what can I do?
    Could use some advice from you…

    Doctor, doctor…I can’t sleep!
    Squeaking rats now leave my ship.
    Water’s flooding all my stuff…
    Got a cork that’s big enough?

    Listen, doc, I need advice:
    Can’t get rid of this old vice…
    While I’m plundering for for loot,
    The poor losers I must shoot.

    But what’s bugging me the most…
    While at sea, alone and lost…
    First mate’s hanging from the mast…
    Is wood strong enough to last?

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