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The stump joke is an infamous joke found in the floppy disk versions of The Secret of Monkey Island. When Guybrush tries to enter a series of catacombs through a tree stump, a message pops up prompting the player to enter disk #22. No such disk exists however, the whole thing is just a joke. Many people got confused though, calling the LucasFilm helpline, and the joke was removed from the CD version of the game. The joke was referenced in Monkey Island 2, and quite elaborately in The Curse of Monkey Island, as well as in Grim Fandango and Psychonauts.

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  1. Brush Guy says:

    So when was it referenced in Lechuck’s Revenge?

    • Haggis says:

      In Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Guybrush finds a telephone on Dinky Island and uses it to call the LucasFilm Games Hint Line. One of the dialogue options is to ask who thought up that dumb stump joke, which prompts Chester (the woman at the other end of the line) to sigh “I’m tired of hearing about that damn stump. Do you have any idea how many calls I get a DAY about that? Don’t ask me about it again.”

      That’s a quote from the Monkey Island Wiki article linked to in the blog post. 😉

  2. Luna says:

    I hadn´t seen this joke before, I knew Monkey Island through the Cd version.

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