Something of the Thread: Toonstruck 2

October 31st, 2010 by | 3 comments

It’s been a remarkably quiet week at the forums, with only one new thread of note. Cyrus created this thread about Toonstruck 2. Toonstruck is a 1996 adventure game, featuring an FMV protagonist played by Christopher Lloyd (who you may know of Back to the Future, the film series that is currently being turned into a series of games by Telltale). There’s a petition going on right now, and if it gains sufficient support, a re-release will be issued featuring content that was cut from the original game. You may as well sign it – after all, the Sam & Max 2 petition was effective as well, in a roundabout way. After you’ve done that, start posting more threads so I don’t run out of material for this column!

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  1. Joshi says:

    I would happily sign this petition if it didn’t require access to my facebook account.

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