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Where would Monkey Island be without its awesome fans? Actually, I have no idea, so let’s skip that question and dive right into this week’s subject – Fangames!

We know about them, most of us thought about making at least one fangame and we can safely assume that 95% of the ideas and concepts never get to see the light of day. The reasons vary, although the most common ones involve lack of time and/or team members losing interest. Of course, there are also some special situations in which certain C&D letters (Cease and Desist) are sent to the people that are almost ready to launch their game. Why? Legal stuff. I won’t dig deeper into the subject, but basically you are not allowed to make cool stuff with someone else’s copyrighted ideas.

However, there are some fangames that have been launched. Professional? Not really. Awesome? It depends on how you look at them. Fun? This is way too ambivalent of a notion to even mention it. If you like them, you like them… if you don’t, well, you don’t! Let’s take a look at some Monkey Island fangames and if one of them catches your eye, try it and post a mini-review in the comments section! Also, if you have a MI-related fangame that we missed, talk about it and tell us! We’ll add it to the list. Let’s GO!

UPDATED 15/11/2010

NOTE: Some of these games are REALLY old and the download links may not work.

IWWHIIWWHITOMIROTPG: The Game! – No, it’s not a typo. And, no, I’m not drunk (I think). This game was created by a group of fans on the Telltale Games Forums, as a tribute to an animation series made by another group of fans, which was made as a tribute to Tales of Monkey Island. This type of fan-creation is very rare and the fact that it was made in the classic (pixelated) style earns it some extra points.

MI2: Illusion – This represents a ‘little continuation of Monkey Island 2’, according to the creator. It’s in French, but you can also download the English version. The game is described as being very easy for MI fans (you can finish it in ten minutes), but a bit challenging for non-adventure-gamers.

MI: Carnival of the Damned – A game which appears to be VERY short, yet complete. It has no description at all, but apparently it does offer a nice guitar intro and “videos” (I’m not sure what the author meant by that).

Picaroon: The Lost Years – It started out as a Monkey Island fangame but, as I understood, the author came to the conclusion that it’s better to change the name and characters, rather than face the Court with a copyright infringement accusation. This game looks stunning and in a recent post (on September 19th) the creator announced that he’s still working on the game. Let’s all wish him the best of luck!

Monkey Island: Daementia – A French game set between MI1 and 2, “nicknamed <<Daementia>> because it is a fight in the head of Guybrush Threepwood”… at least that’s what the author said. It has some original backgrounds which look similar to the ones in MI2, not in style but in layout. The demo is worth checking out. It’s in English.

Night of the Hermit – Full game with voices too! And this time, the voices are not in your head… Listen to fans impersonating characters such as Herman Toothrot in this adventure where you help the Hermit win the rights for his grandfather’s mansion. Nicely made, but I remember it being kind of hard at one point.

Monkey Island 5: The Darkness of Monkey Island – Take a look at the screenshot. Go on. Click it. I don’t have to describe this game to you. It’s incredible. They are still working on it, everybody wants to see it finished… what more can I say except try not to drool on your keyboard. (UPDATE by Hayden: “Actually, while it is still technically alive, ‘Darkness of Monkey Island’ has actually been suspended by the team working on it, and it may not be revived”)

MI: The Devil’s Triangle – Fun, long, interesting, with character sprites used as actors. Wait, what? The Devil’s Triangle is an experience that I recommend to any MI fan. Don’t expect artistic stuff or brilliant ideas. It’s not even point and click, but it’s made with a passion that is enviable. It even has cutscenes.

M:I-2 – Made by the same guy who was behind The Devil’s Triangle, this parody/game based on Mission Impossible and Monkey Island asks the question: “What if Guybrush and LeChuck were a bit more modern?”. If you want to see LeChuck in a tuxedo (if I remember correctly), check it out. In the meantime, here’s Guybrush:

Monkey Island: Carnaval Vudu – Heheh…Vudu…*snicker*… ahem, yeah, so… Spanish game! The graphics represent a whole new style for the MI series. The author expects a full translation of the game when it is ready. No demo yet, but worth mentioning.

Monkey Island 5 Beta – More like a test than a game, the author plans to continue developing it. It feels nice and “oldie”.

Return to Monkey Island – A team from Italy worked really hard on this one. You can see that from the screenshots and it’s looking sweet! Still in production as far as I know. Demo available on their site.

Inside Monkey Island – Fangame made by a group of Italians, recently translated into English. Guybrush and LeChuck switch bodies. I think I’ve seen the title art somewhere before…

Fate of Monkey Island 1 & 2 – You play as a monkey that shares the same fate as Guybrush (girlfriend kidnapped, Largo to confront, LeChuck to kill etc). It’s interesting to see a different perspective on the classic MI storyline. UPDATE: found them! Thanks Hayden! FoMI 1, FoMI2 Demo.

Legends of LeChuck – Want to know about LeChuck’s origins? Well, now you can’t. “C&D lettered”. Too bad, seemed really nice, especially since you played as Guybrush’s Dad. This game and FoMI 1 & 2 were deleted just a couple of months before Escape from Monkey Island was released. It’s understandable… but still… UPDATE: found the demo!

Brother Island 1&2 – A Monkey Island Parody featuring Always Plywood and ghost pirate Zebuck. Part 1, Part 2.

Carver Island 1&2 – A strange Monkey Island parody in which Guybrush is named Francisco Gonzales and LeChuck is Mrs. Rodriguez. Part 1, Part 2.

Murray on Planet Christmas – Looks bad…really bad. But silly enough to be funny, maybe not in the intended way.

Pirates of Monkey Island of the Caribbean – The story from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, playable with Monkey Island characters and scenery. Awesome!

Tentacle Island – Hoagie visits Monkey Island and meets Guybrush. That’s kind of it.

Guybrush Power Melee – Arcade-ish…not very good but fun to try.

Guybrush Threepwood VS B-rated Food Products – Yeah, we actually found it. “A nice sequence of arcade mini-games”.

Insults of Monkey Island – Short, no animations, buggy… but still aliiiiive! :p

The Invasion of Monkey Island – Mini-games featuring Murray. Long intro, be warned!

Monkey Island GT – Italian platform game. Just a few Italian words…which you don’t need to play the game. Duh, platform.

Murray Game – Murray has to destroy peace signs. Yeah. Not very complex but funny.

Phatt Island Battle – LeChuck tries to conquer Phatt Island. Interesting platformer, received a high score back then.

Quest Fighter II – Guybrush Vs Indiana Jones? How about Purple Tentacle VS Bobbin Threadbare? Try it out and tell us who won!

Ron Gilbert’s Christmas Challenge – Help Santa Ron deliver all his presents!

Monkey Island: a Bad Day to be Dead – An interesting idea, especially since we all know of another game which explored a similar idea. Guybrush was killed by LeChuck and Elaine goes to the Land of the Dead to bring him back. Just the Demo… project was deleted by the author.

Monkey Island 4 – Seems interesting. Well, at least interesting enough for LucasArts to send a C&D. Project was stopped.

The Voodoo of Monkey Island – Looks awesome but it’s in German and it never got finished. What’s new? Click on the name for the techdemo.

Monkey Zero – Really worth checking out. It’s a youtube clip for now. The idea is somehow brilliant, in an awkward kind of way. Just watch the clip.

There have been plenty of other fangames that are now almost impossible to find (unless someone actually still has them since the day they were released). The law is the law, nobody is above the law, all that legal talk, yes yes… but it’s still sad to see that some companies feel threatened by their own fans.

Every single one of these fans stated that they don’t want any money out of their creations. By the fans, for the fans, not allowed most of the time. Let’s just hope the future will bring us brighter news and that we may be able to entertain ourselves with fanmade MI games until Tales of Monkey Island 2.

Dead fangames: The Caribbean is not Enough, Monkey Island 5: The Return of LeChuck, Murrayball (ping-pong style, actually appeared before MI4),  The Amulet of Monkey Island (screenshot, screenshot and screenshots).

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  4. Hehehe I made MI4 and Legends of LeChuck

    Here’s my C&D letter http://mattrshaw.co.uk/scans.php


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    Hi guys there are lots of other fangames here! http://voodoofgisland.altervista.org/indexeng.html


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