Punchline! – 6 (double strip)

November 19th, 2010 by | 8 comments

To compensate for being late (again, sorry), this week we double the strips! Enjoy and congrats to our winner, Harris McMahon! C’mon, people, are you gonna let these scurvy-dogs take the first place?? Gimme your best funnies!

Jasmin x2

Harris McMahon x2

lombre x1

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8 Responses to “Punchline! – 6 (double strip)”

  1. lombre says:

    Dear Kauff and Gustav,
    HELP! I’m being held hostage by an army of undead monkeys! I tried to shoot them with the banana, but then they just zombify the banana!
    Hiding in a closet,

  2. dumpling321 says:

    LOLOL @ the look on “guy in dumpling321 costume’s” face

  3. ser_pounce says:

    Dear Kauff and Gustav,

    I’m stuck on an island! The beach is full of plastic! The superfast jellyfish are circling me!

    Please help.

    P.S. I created the mailman out of plastic tubes, washed up gun parts, and red wires. He may explode at any moment….

  4. HaydenWCE says:

    Kauff: “Damn it! It’s blank!”
    Gustav: “Or is it?” [holding up ‘eye of the manatee’]

  5. Eventus says:

    “Dear Docs…i need your help. Everyone is chasing at me, because everyone wants to shoot me. I even don’t look like a Monkey or else…but they try it again and again. What could i do? I am asking both of you, because Gustav should have the experience in defending such Situations and Kauff is also an Expert for this Stuff”

    greetings Eventus

  6. Trenchfoot says:

    Kauff: Could it be?? It’s the Monkeyologist Code!

    Gustav: They say it reveals The Secret of Monkey Island!

  7. Harris McMahon says:

    Dear Doctor,
    I am proud to send you the first edition of the So-Far-Complete Guimero64 Message Collection™, signed by Guimero64. I also have a question: If I send a question in the Punchline section and my entry does not win, will it at least appear in Ask a Monkeyologist?
    Someone-Who-does-Not-Happen-Not-to-Use-Double-Negatives-So-You do-Not-Think-that-He-is-Not-Guimero64™.

  8. tabstis says:

    Dear Doctors,

    I am Kauff Von Diefendorf in the future and I have been capture by some mysterious figure while attempting to infiltrate Gustav’s base! Gustav is here too and has been tied up, unable to speak. Send help quickly so that I can answer some more viewer questions!

    Dr. Kauff Von Diefendorf and Dr. Gustav Von Schneider

    PS Don’t forget to take the bins out, Kauff!

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