The Guardian interviews Craig Derrick

June 29th, 2009 by | 1 lonely comment

Greg Howson, of The Guardian’s Games blog, recently got the chance to sit down with Craig Derrick, SMI:SE producer, and ask him some questions. That has resulted in this interview. Asked if LeChuck’s Revenge may get a special edition, Craig answers:

Monkey 2 is definitely high on my list, but the special edition is really a great big experiment to see what interest there is for these types of games and if people are interested in playing them on a console. If the fans really respond well, then I think it will be tough to say no to another one..

So you know what to do, buy the game! And that should be made a bit easier soon, since Craig Derrick reveals that LucasArts ‘may have another platform announcement to make very, very soon’. Could this be… Monkey Island on iPhone? We’ll see. Meanwhile, read the interview.


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  1. Dalixam says:

    I am very close to buying an iPod Touch and I would love MI on it. I think that’s already possible with the original game and a ScummVM port though. A MI2:SE would rock my world more than the MI1:SE does.

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