Horizons: Kings Quest I, II, and III remakes

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Recently, I stumbled upon interesting remakes of the first two Kings Quest games. If you don’t know, Kings Quest I: Quest for the Crown comes from Sierra and was the first ever animated graphical adventure and quite revolutionary at the time. It was released in 1984.

In 2001 AGDInteractive Studio released a remake of the game with improved graphics, improved controls, and voices in addition to other improvements.  One lovely addition is the ‘no dead ends’ mode (optional) which supposedly removes those incidents where you didn’t click something at the beginning of the game and get stuck in the end of the game because you didn’t click that thing and you can start all over. (Cat in Kings Quest V anyone?) You can still die at random without warning though, so save often!

The graphics are nice and they’re kept in the same style as the original. The game is a bit harder than adventure games today because there’s nothing to indicate when you mouse over something important or that something can be interacted with. It makes the game more time consuming, but at the same time it’s a nice change from adventure games today that are filled with hints and light up like a Christmas tree whenever something important in on the screen.

There is also a remake of Kings Quest II: Romancing the Stone although that is listed as a creative retelling of the original game and not a straight remake.  A remake of Kings Quest III is scheduled for release sometime in February.

The games are all free to download and runs perfectly on Windows XP, Vista, and 7. There is also a Mac version available. So there’s no excuse to not try these games if you haven’t played Kings Quest before and are aching for an adventure game and a challenge.

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6 Responses to “Horizons: Kings Quest I, II, and III remakes”

  1. Harris McMahon says:

    Long live the royal family of Daventry!
    King’s Quest is easily one of my favourite game series. And I have all of them except for the eighth, (Which is not a pure adventure game,) thanks to Telltale’s Great Adventure Bundle 2010™. There is also an unofficial ‘King’s Quest IX’ game called ‘The Silver Lining,’ which is an episodic adventure game that is being released now and can be downloaded for free. Here is a link to the official site: http://www.tsl-game.com/

  2. dumpling321 says:

    xD I played the 1st episode… the voice acting is the worst i’ve ever seen in a game EVER! otherwise seems like it will be good… (now if i could just turn off the voices)

    • Dalixam says:

      Really? I thought it was okay. Anyway, you can turn off voices in the option panel. Click on ‘Voices+Text’ to cycle through the options.

    • Harris McMahon says:

      I also didn’t like the voice acting at first, but that was mainly because I didn’t expect the narrator and especially Graham to sound American. However, Graham’s voice actor in ALL of the remakes is the original official voice actor, and while I am not sure of it, I think that the narrator in the remakes of the first and second games worked in Sierra too. After you get used to it, it is difficult to imagine Graham having another voice.
      And anyway, it’s way better than Connor’s voice acting in Mask of Eternity. (I heard it a few times.)

  3. SubSidal says:

    Actually a KQIII remake was already made a long time ago but by a different team, “Infamous Adventures” (who are now almost releasing their remake of Space Quest II), it’s a very good remake aswell. http://www.infamous-adventures.com/kq3/

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