ToMI hits 86 on Metacritic!

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Tales of Monkey Island, TellTale Games’ best selling series up to date, has been given a score of 86 points out of 100 on Metacritic! What does that mean? It means that our beloved game makers scored first place in the “Mid-Size Publishers” category, with an average score of 78.4!

“With our 14 scored releases last year including the full season of Tales of Monkey Island on the PlayStation 3 which earned an 86 Metascore, Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse Episode 2: The Tomb of Sammun-Mak for PC and Mac which earned an 83 Metascore, and Back to the Future – Episode 1: It’s About Time for PC and Mac which earned a 75 Metascore, we really nailed it in each of the seasons we released last year”TellTale Games Blog.

Does the world need any more proof that ToMI Season 2 is a MUST? In 6 days, TellTale will announce five more series (yes, it is not a spelling error) that will be in production. Let’s hope that ToMI2 is on that list and that they will make it sooner than 2012. I mean, let’s play it safe, who would want to risk launching the next Monkey Island game during the Apocalypse or…whatever we call it nowadays?

“Metascores are great and all, but what really matters to us is that the fans of the characters, worlds, and stories we put together, love what we have to offer. We will continue to work hard to delight you folks with the stuff you keep coming back to Telltale for!”TellTale Games Blog.

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  1. Harris McMahon says:

    Telltale is the best game that exists in our days. I am glad that this is now official!

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