Horizons: The Last Express

February 12th, 2011 by | 2 comments

The Last Express is a game you may have heard about, but haven’t got around to playing yet. Now that it’s only $ 5.99 on Good Old Games though, it might be a good time to get aboard. It came out in 1997, the same year Curse of Monkey Island was released, but it’s probably less well-known. Once you start playing it though, you’ll realize that this game isn’t bad – like Grim Fandango, it’s just a game that has unfortunately gone under some people’s radar. Because of the unique way in which it is played (it’s pretty much a real-time adventure), and the fantastic atmosphere of the game, I highly recommend it to any and all adventure game fans.

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2 Responses to “Horizons: The Last Express”

  1. SilverWolfPet says:

    Looks interesting…but I couldn’t play it. I cannot adapt to games that are “click to advance in room”-type. 🙁 They frustrate me. Not 3D yet not 2D either, gah!

  2. Scruffy says:

    Loved this game!

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