What is C42?

February 23rd, 2011 by | 4 comments

An ancient cup of tea was discovered floating happily in the waters around the Caribbean. Engraved on the bottom were the markings: C42. No one has been able to decipher the meaning of these mysterious symbols and some scientists are rumored to have gone mad in the attempt. The brilliant minds of the staff of this blog have cracked the cup secret though and the true nature of the cup and the markings will be revealed right here on Thursday the 3rd of March. It will be the beginning of a grand adventure…

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4 Responses to “What is C42?”

  1. Lombre says:

    It’s a primitive form of battleship. 😉

  2. SilverWolfPet says:

    What the heck is that?? 😐

  3. Trenchfoot says:

    Club 42 perhaps?

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