Ask a Monkeyologist – Where is Kauff?!

March 21st, 2011 by | 9 comments

Oh no, what happened to Kauff?!

You may hear a familiar voice in there somewhere. If you want to hear more from this guy, check out this link right here!

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9 Responses to “Ask a Monkeyologist – Where is Kauff?!”

  1. Stan S. says:

    Howdy Gustav!
    I am an anthropomorphic purple crocodile who has disguised himself as a human for twenty years now so I can more easily approach my prey (humans). But now, it seems someone on the TellTale forums has seen through my disguise and exposed me to all the internet! What can I do? If I don’t do something, people will be using their hunting rifle with me in the next Monkey Island game!

  2. Lombre says:

    Dear Gustav,
    Now that your mustache is curlier than ever, do you plan to take part in more evil schemes? After all, you need some excuse to twirl the ends of the ‘stache and laugh evilly, right?
    Your pal,
    Lombre Von Schneider

  3. HaydenWCE says:

    Dear Gustav,
    It is getting close to a year-and-a-half since I last experienced any original ‘Monkey Island’ material. I feel I am going through Monkey Island withdrawals. How can I remedy this?

  4. tabstis says:

    Dear Gustav,
    I know how much you love puzzles so I have hidden a bomb somewhere in your monkey laboratory under suggestion from Kauff. You have 12 seconds to find it before it rains bananas.
    Your favourite viewer,
    Tabstis the Evil

  5. Haggis says:

    Dear Kauff,

    Can you teach me how to fly?

    Dear Gustav,

    I want to marry your moustache.

  6. Tolpiwan says:

    Dear Kauff,

    it is good to see that you are alive and… well I would like to say kicking but it looks more like flying. Anyway, since you MacGyverd a satellite, can you watch any television program now and does it help you with all those flying monkey that I saw approaching you? (they seemed rather at odds with the fact that someone was close to finden them)

    MfröhlichfG —> Tolpiwan (PS: Dear Gustav, interesting new Mustache, did it cost you much?)

  7. Harris McMahon says:

    Dear Doctor,
    A stewardess requested from me to ask you the following question:
    Ham or Cheese?
    Yours, Harris McMahon.

  8. mathman77 says:

    Dear Gustav,

    There’s a monkey in my pocket,
    He hates your new moustache,
    He liked the old one better,
    This one looks like hairy trash!

  9. mister bier says:

    Dear Gustav,

    how can I get my commercial in your show? I invented a singing and dancing and gold shitting horse, but no one wants to buy it. I hope you can help me out.

    mister bier

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