Punchline! – 10

March 23rd, 2011 by | 13 comments

Incredible! This week’s winner is… <<ser_pounce>>! Again! He equals Harris McMahon! Do something!!

Harris McMahon (3), ser_pounce (3), Jasmin (2),  lombre (1)

You people do know that you can submit moooore than one entry, right?

Oh, one more thing to announce. Your favorite Monkeyologists are now on Twitter. You can ask them questions and they will respond (when online)… or you can just go and watch them argue a lot. (@GustavIsGood  ,  @KauffIsBetter)

This week’s winner was not chosen by Majus, who coincidentally bribed the judges with multiple teasers for his upcoming comic series. Check it out 🙂

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13 Responses to “Punchline! – 10”

  1. ser_pounce says:

    Yes! Go me 🙂

    “Cham, please.”

  2. HaydenWCE says:

    – But all you’ve got is sandwiches…
    – Why cheese please! See what I did there?
    – Why no, I’m vegetarian and lactose intolerant.
    – What about them?
    – Neither, thank you. Monkeyologists must stick to a strict diet of packeted food, cakes and sweeties.
    – Is this ham wet-cured, dry-cured, country, spiral cut, canned, prosciutto, serrano, iberico, tasso, honey-baked, presunto, elenski but, or jinhua?
    – Is the cheese swiss, mozzarella, machego, bouda, feta, cottage, goat, cheddar, blue vein, monterey jack, old enlgish, laughing cow, tetilla, hooligan, or stinking bishop?

  3. guimero64 says:

    I’d prefer bananas…

  4. Chaoman7 says:

    I’d like cheese since I already have one ham sitting right next to me.

  5. Harris McMahon says:

    -When I fly on a plane, all I want to eat is RAINBOW BISCUITS!
    -Does any of them come with a Dark Ninja Dave Porcelain Power -Pirate™? (With a Killer Karate Katana™ of course!)
    -Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spam, wonderful spam!
    -No thanks, but can you get me the grog from under my chair?
    -I am sorry, but you will have to wait – There are already countless questions I need to answer before I can answer this one.
    -I am sorry, but I can’t answer you now. Why don’t you post your question on http://talesofmi.net/?

  6. ser_pounce says:

    “No, this is my moustache.”

  7. HaydenWCE says:

    – “No, I’m von Diefendorf. You must be looking for another row.”

    • Harris McMahon says:

      I feel that Hayden is going to win this time.

      • HaydenWCE says:

        Heh, thanks :). But I actually felt that you had it in the bag with either the “rainbow biscuits” line or the “there are already countless questions I need to answer” line. I thought they were great!

  8. guimero64 says:

    -I don’t have time to answer. Leave those questions for my show “Ask a Monkeyologist!!!”

  9. Harris McMahon says:

    -A new wig for my friend here, please.
    -Anything, as long as it ends with a TradeMark™.
    -I don’t know, but I once had a barber named Dominique.
    -I am not sure. But I am sure that you should play Tales of Monkey Island, if you didn’t do so already.
    -Dumplings. Three. Actually, give me two. No, one is enough. And make sure there is no brain with them!
    -Either, as long as it isn’t Rotting-Ham or Ignatius-Cheese! Hehehe.

  10. Lombre says:

    Do either of them come with Monkey Island 6?

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