Ask a Monkeyologist – Difficulties

March 26th, 2011 by | 13 comments

We were a bit late with this one. We had some difficulties with the subtitles…and not only with that!

Big thanks to Adam Harrington for lending his awesome voice to us! Did you know that he’s one of the famous “Trailer-Dudes”? Also, he voiced over FIFTY game characters, including people from Assassin’s Creed and The Godfather!

Big thanks to our talented friend, Federico Maggiore, whose Mahguy Verr is top notch! Would you like to see more of Mahguy Verr in future episodes? Tell us in the comments!

Just to remind you, Kauff and Gustav are now on Twitter. You can ask them questions directly @GustavIsGood and @KauffIsBetter

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13 Responses to “Ask a Monkeyologist – Difficulties”

  1. Haggis says:

    Dear doctor(s),

    We have attacked the windmills, but instead of fighting back, they asked us out on a date. How does one go about dating a windmill?

  2. HaydenWCE says:

    Dear Doctor,

    My pet monkey was acting rather annoying. I needed a solution, so I decided to follow the advice “shoot the monkey”. However, I had some difficulty with the execution of my plan (no pun intended) – I do not own a gun. How else do I deal with this monkey?

  3. Harris McMahon says:

    Dear Gustav:
    In your commercial, you said:
    “Yesterday I was eating bratwurst and the weather was good TALKING GERMAN!”
    My question is: Why did you eat a bratwurst rather than Rainbow Biscuits™ or Funky Crushers™?
    And what did you advertise anyway?

    Harris McMahon

  4. Brush Guy says:

    Dear Doctor(s),

    I accidentally ate my pet monkey. How could I go around getting it back?

  5. feuerschein says:

    Dear Gustav,

    could you please resurrect Kauff? You have to admit, it’d be boring without him.

  6. guimero64 says:

    Dear Gustav,
    When will Kauff crash? Because it has been a long time that he is flying… Does Kauff have a solution against gravity?
    Thank you.

  7. Bildad says:

    Dear Cough von Deafeneddwarf and Goosetough von Shunhider,
    You got one name wrong in your show. It’s not Mahguy Verr, It’s McGuybrush.
    Yours, Bildad.

    (After this message, it would be nice to see a flashback of SE1EP10, but this is just a suggestion.)

  8. guimero64 says:

    P.S: note to myself: I should stop asking questions before the end of a video…

  9. Tolpiwan says:

    Dear Doctor(s),

    Kauff did look a bit out of it… Is he O.K.? And how, dear Doctor von Schneider, can you repeat a name that often without changing your voice too much? Thank you for your time.

    MfröhlichfG —> Tolpiwan (When I wake up, I hit my Alarm Clock and go back to sleep)

  10. mathman77 says:

    Dear Kauff,

    What does it feel like to fly through the air and then have your head shoved under pavement? Did it cause any trauma and/or unwanted loss of sanity? I would like to try it one day, once the Spaghetti Brothers let me use their cannon without a helmet.

    Hope you are okay,

  11. Jasmin says:

    lecker Bratwurst!

  12. tabstis says:

    Dear Doctor,
    After your recent April Fools I felt that I could finally get through with life but upon learning that it was all a terrible, terrible lie, I am preparing to throw myself off the cliff on Monkey Island.
    Anything to say before I escape this cruel world?
    Hope Mrs. Von Schneider is well,

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