Horizons: Leisure Suit Larry 7 – Love for Sail!

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This edition of ‘Horizons’ is a few days late because I was abducted by aliens this weekend. When they were done probing me we had a drink and they were actually very nice guys. Anyway, on to the topic of the column which is the adventure game Leisure Suit Larry 7 – Love for Sail! This is one of my favorite adventure games and not for the reason you might think. Let us get it out of the way right away; Yes, the main objective of the game is to get the main character, Larry Laffer, laid and there is partial nudity in the game (and full nudity if you accomplish some hidden goals in the game), but if that is why you play the game then you will be sorely disappointed. All skin showing, sleazy dialog, and jokes are done in a very subtle and humorous way. That said, you shouldn’t give this game to your youngest children.

The reason I like the game is because it’s just great. It feels complete, is funny, and contains lots of innovative and silly ideas and features. The plot revolves around Larry’s attempt at winning a weekly contest held on a cruise ship by Captain Thygh, a gorgeous blonde. The contest involves a series of other games varying from legitimate sports competitions like bowling to naughtier things like a machine created to test one’s sexual prowess. Each passenger is given a score card with a selection of the various competitions to compete in, and the passenger with the highest cumulative score at the end of the week wins. The prize is an additional free week on the cruise spent sharing the Captain’s cabin.

You can’t die or do anything wrong in this game, which is a nice change from most (if not all) adventure games from Sierra, so you shouldn’t be afraid to try things as you won’t suddenly end up dead. Now, I want to talk about those innovative and silly features which really makes the game stand out. The game was released in 1996 and in that century computer games were bought at a psychical store and came on a CD-ROM in a cardboard box. The brilliant thing is that with the game came a ‘CyberSniff 2000’ piece of cardboard. It was a square divided in nine smaller squares and each were numbered from 1-9. You could then ‘smell’ the game, like if Larry was on the deck of the ship, you would be told to scrath number 1 and you could smell the sea air. If there were chocolate or Larry farted it were other numbers. They all smelled like perfume on a piece of cardboard, but it was a fun idea.

Another thing is the ‘Where’s Dildo?’ game. A play on the popular ‘Where’s Wally/Waldo?’ series of children’s books. In all scenes of the game are hidden dildos dressed in red-and-white clothes. There are a total of 32 and collecting has no purpose and is not needed to complete the game, but if you collect them all and find 7 other easter eggs you get a slightly more explicit scene at the end.

You can also appear in the game yourself by placing an image and recorded dialog in the game’s directory. The image of you will then pop up on screen when you knock on a door and your dialog will play.

The most awesome feature though is the ability to talk about anything you want with other characters. While there is a set of pre-defined options to choose from when talking to another character, you can also enter your own words and ask them about that. You have to come up with the right conversation topics to solve some puzzles, so there’s some thinking required.

I can’t rave about this game without mentioning one of my favorite characters, Peggy. She is a foul-mouthed peg-legged deckhand with an eye-patch 🙂

Check out this 10 minute clip of the game. There are no spoilers. It’s Larry walking around, looking at stuff, and talking to people. You get to see how the ‘CyberSniff 2000’ works along with ‘Where’s Dildo?’, and the custom conversation thing. Best of all, Peggy is featured at the end 🙂

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  1. Harris McMahon says:

    While I do not intend to play this game, I have a suggestion for another ‘Horizons’ column. I think that The Crimson Permanent Assurance just has to appear at some time. For those who do not know, this is a short film directed by Terry Gilliam that appeared before the film Monty Python and the Meaning of Life. (I didn’t like the film compared to other things by Monty Python, but the Crimson Permanent Assurance completely stole the show.) The film is about pirates, but not exactly the kind of pirates that you expect. Just watch it and you will understand!
    Here is the link for the film in Youtube, divided into two parts:

  2. Hande says:

    Will I come off as a massive perv if I admit that I really want this game, badly?

    Probably. =P

  3. Jasmin says:

    One of my favourite adventure games, too! 😉

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