Something of the Thread: Something is afoot…

April 17th, 2011 by | 6 comments

HaydenWCE has spotted something interesting over at the official Monkey Island Facebook page. Craig Derrick is hinting that something may be about to happen, saying “Great things come to those that wait.” What could it be? While you’re pondering that question and waiting for great things to come, you can participate in this sea shanty game, or read the game script angeldeb82 created for Tales chapter 4 (or just do both). If you’re really creative, you can participate in the improvement meme. Dig up an old piece of Monkey Island fan art and draw it again, only better! This post’s header shows an example of such an improved drawing, by guimero64.

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6 Responses to “Something of the Thread: Something is afoot…”

  1. Irishmile says:

    Im pretty sure he was just talking about the wait for the first two special editions… I would love to be wrong though..

    • HaydenWCE says:

      Well Haggis actually pointed out (in the thread) that several other LucasArts employees ‘liked’ the status, which could suggest that they’re “up to something.” Which is a fair point; why would they all be keeping such a close watch on the page?

  2. Ezza says:

    Hopefully it will be the Mac release of MI2:SE 😀

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