Weekly Wiki: The A-mfggh-C’s of Ventriloquism

May 10th, 2011 by | 2 comments

Fancy being a ventriloquist? Want to scare your friends by making your stomach talk? Feeling lonely? Then you should get your hands on a copy of The A-mfggh-C’s of Ventriloquism. Guybrush gets a hold of it in ‘The Curse of Monkey Island‘ and makes use of it to get himself a ship. Although that is the primary function of the book, you can use it on all characters on the island for a good laugh. Try that next time you find yourself playing CMI 🙂

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2 Responses to “Weekly Wiki: The A-mfggh-C’s of Ventriloquism”

  1. Harris McMahon says:

    This is probably my favourite item in the game. I really like quest items which can be used on any character to get a different response. Murray in Lair of the Leviathan is also another example, as well as the lighter in Back to the Future Episode II. I only wish that the Parrot was also like that.

  2. Haggis says:

    I wish I had a book like that in real life… oh, the fun that could be had with that…

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