Weekly Wiki: Blondebeard’s Chicken Shoppe

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I’m really really hungry right now… so I figured I should write about food.

Blondebeard’s Chicken Shoppe (also known as Blondebeard’s Chicken) is a fried-chicken restaurant situated in Puerto Pollo on Plunder Island and managed by Captain Blondebeard himself. It also has a convenient outside walk-thru speaker, but no one can really make out what the speaker is saying. Known for its crispy fried golden nuggets and general unsanitary greasiness, the restaurant has a “delivery in thirty days or it’s free” policy. It’s impossible to eat inside the restaurant without a reservation. When Guybrush Threepwood visits the shoppe, however, most menu items are unavailable because the chickens have been set free from their coops; Blondebeard believes El Pollo Diablo is their liberator.

Visit the wiki page for info regarding menu and satisfied customers!

Actually… I think I can skip lunch today after glancing at that menu… urp!

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