Weekly Wiki: Breathmaster

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If you’re a pirate with bad breath (maybe you don’t brush your teeth properly or you don’t even have a toothbrush) then you should make friends with the delightful shopkeeper on Mêlée Island as he sells these lovely mints named Breathmaster. They are grog-flavored and bears the slogan “For the pirate who cares about first impressions”. An entire roll sells for one single piece of eight and they come in handy when talking to wrongfully imprisoned guys named Otis. They also double nicely as mint leaves in voodoo recipes.

Viist the wiki page to learn what kind of mints feature in Tales of Monkey Island and what they can be used for.

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3 Responses to “Weekly Wiki: Breathmaster”

  1. Harris McMahon says:

    Apparently, the shopkeeper forgoes the usual ™ symbol, and prefers the suffix ‘master™.’

  2. lukas says:

    hab mich grad voll gewundert warum hier auf einmal alles auf englisch steht und dann fiel mir auf – der blog war schon immer englisch… where are the docs??

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