Something of the Thread: Blast from the past

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Here’s something fun for you to do on a rainy afternoon: read through the posts in the Future Monkey Island games forum. It’s pretty cool to read through all those speculations we had before we could even hope Tales of Monkey Island would ever be made. Especially interesting are the posts about the form LeChuck would take in the fifth Monkey Island game. In September 2003, forum member Le Chuck had the idea that perhaps LeChuck would return in his human form. LeChucksRevenge wrote something similar in 2004, also hinting at LeChuck perhaps becoming more attractive and powerful to Elaine than Guybrush is. The same idea is propagated in November 2003 by Media_Circus, in a prediction that turned out to be almost spot on: “I think it would make a great plot twist that LeChuck manages to revert back to his human self and steals (temporarily) Elaine’s heart.” So sometimes Monkey Island fans are a pretty visionary bunch!

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